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Wholesome pottery and porcelain is firing I what develop with kiln furnace see
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Of living standard of the rapid dilate as our country real estate, people rise substantially and people is dated to toilet ideal change, kitchen, toilet produced the change of essential sex in the position in the residence. As the main facility sanitation of toilet clean is provided, especially the demand of the product that high school blocks soars. Drove the swift and violent development of wholesome ceramics industry from this, the furnace of crucial equipment kiln of firing and wholesome pottery and porcelain also had huge market and great progress because of this. Now, in this group course of study, kiln varied, use clean fuel extensively already, the main technique of furnace of a few kiln already also was achieved via economic norms or be close to international advanced level, can provide powerful and substantial technology support for wholesome ceramics industry thereby, make this industry is on the healthy way that can develop continuously, the high grade and wholesome clean that provides adequate measure for real estate and its owner is provided, replace entrance product stage by stage and be expected to export partial product. Additional, kiln furnace serves as " product " also will move toward an international market, enter global competition. For this, we think to be necessary to introduce in wholesome ceramics industry in last few years the development state of affairs of kiln furnace, recommend design of a few home in time to build, the technical economic norms that moves successfully already the outstanding kiln furnace with advanced, mature technology, let more kiln furnace users understand these tendercy, grow with driving the growth of market of domestic kiln furnace further, make oneself contribution for the development of wholesome pottery and porcelain jointly.