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Heat treatment machines the processing regulation of quality
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The legal basis of this regulation is " contract law of People's Republic of China " , " quality of product of People's Republic of China
Law " , " People's Republic of China opposes unfair competition law " , " law of environmental protection of People's Republic of China " etc now
Travel law. Once this regulation has contradictory place to need obedience on content with active law at active law.

The photograph inside Shanghaiguan of this regulation is allowed, classics both sides is maintained, in the technical accessory that should include treaty wording, have namely with
Add up to the legal effectiveness that is the same as in phase.

1, heat treatment treatment is decided

1.1 make surely square (similarly hereinafter of Party A / ) will need heat treatment entrust contract to do a job square (similarly hereinafter of Party B / ) have heat
On the foundation that the both sides when processing processes work should negotiate in freewill equality, sign contract to do a job contract, party B can be in spare parts not
The position that the influence uses makes good number.
1.2 as a result of Party B what in machining error to cause treatment to the object is not accorded with or do not accord with a contract partly, set
Technical requirement, and classics technology is checked cannot of repair, be decided to be reject.
1.3 heat treatment allow percent defective to should set in the contract, both sides does not have an agreement, in principle should be pressed different
Craft is batch surely (50 above) or mass-produced heat treatment allow percent defective index to be in 1%-2% less than (by
Weight plan) ; Odd (cover) mould, big (100Kg above) , crucial (odd value is in 5000 yuan with
On) percent defective index is 0.
1.4 exceed the reject amount that allows percent defective index, party B should make economy compensate for to Party A, should press city commonly
Field price compensates for cost of raw materials (forging of casting of round steel industry) , avoid the heat treatment that receives this part part to machine cost.
The 1.5 sheet in be being asked to be opposite the 1.3rd by Party A (set) mould, big, crucial once happen,wait
Reject Party B should sum is compensated for (makings of index of sum compensation department is expended and working procedure is machined to machine cost each before heat treatment) person, should
Make clear when signing a contract beforehand, party B machines take time in computation, allow to add upside to assign risk cost and technical content
Cost. The person that did not make clear in the contract, press 1.4 processing.
The 1.6 spare parts damage that cause as a result of not to be pooh-poohed of Party B management or missing, the responsibility that presses reject just is assumed.
1.7 when needing to undertake managing changing an analysis to reject, the charge of place happening just is assumed by the liability that creates waste product.
1.8 every do not accord with technology of spare parts heat treatment to ask, but still can demote the person that use, classics cooperation both sides talks things over can avoid
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