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Mill hot plate tries wine steel stainless steel go well smelt cycle shortens con
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Since thermic load trial run is successful on January 19, wine steel stainless steel factoryElectric stoveTrial production goes well, smelt cycle shortens considerably, day produces furnace to count synchronism to rise. Up to on April 7, in all tapping 150 furnace, 304, 316, 410, 430, the groovy breed such as E01, E02 all undertook smelt, molten steel quality satisfies a design to ask.   
Two footwork smelt is the main technology that world stainless steel manufactures, andElectric stoveSteel-making is stainless steel of craft of smelt of two footwork production surely classics link, pass electric stove production, can reduce converter decarbonization negative charge, shorten converter smelt is periodic, reduce converter broken bits to measure, abandon steel in great quantities because of using up at the same time, can reduce molten iron dosage, reduce manufacturing cost.   
Since trial production, technology of electric stove of process of steelmaking of stainless steel factory operates personnel to be below the circumstance that does not have any manufacturing experience, according to foreign the craft of expert set, one furnace steel one furnace steel fumbles stage by stage, analyse the problem that exists on craft, amend ceaselessly to parameter adjust. Pass the exploration of two many months, the worker operates a level to rise apparently, mastered stage by stageElectric stoveSteel-making craft and technology want a place, smelt cycle shortens considerably, day produces furnace number to rise stage by stage, can satisfy the requirement that produces at present basically.   
Wine steel stainless steel factory steelmaking processElectric stoveCao Runtong of engineer of technology assistant manager introduces, Electric stoveSmelt cycle shortens 200 minutes from the every furnace steel of initial stage of put into production to 75 minutes of current less than, had had daily production the level of 15 furnace. Up to on April 7, in all tapping 150 furnace, 304, 316, 410, 430, the groovy breed such as E01, E02 all undertook smelt, molten steel quality can satisfy a design to ask. In the meantime, Electric stove80% what bear also has achieved design bear. Cao Runtong says, the task that next production debug is very formidable still, may, mark firm expert undertakes attune of essence of life and function check on the west, after the test is finished, be expected to matched with AOD converter implementation June. At the appointed time electric stove production can join whole steel-making to produce order, with steel-making other technology realizes synchronous production together.   
It is reported, stainless steelElectric stoveCast using is this year group company increases useless steel to use strength, alleviate molten iron is not worth pressure, reduce stainless steel to produce the significant move of cost, also was manufacturing more, more high grade stainless steel product to lay a good foundation at the same time.
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