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IT becomes the heat that manager of heat treatment industry pays close attention
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IT becomes the heat that manager of heat treatment industry pays close attention to
To narrow as soon as possible the difference of industry of our country heat treatment and advanced industry country, in blending in IT traditional heat treatment technique, enhance industry international competition ability further, a few days ago, china is hot assist in Hangzhou the organization was held conference of manager of factory director of industry of countrywide heat treatment and work of the 4th quality were met 2003. Ministry of national science and technology is new and high Li Jian of technical department director, national hair changes appoint sea of Chen Yan of vice director of department of medium and small businesses, son's eldest son of director of guild of Chinese heat treatment emerges greatly, vice-president Zhu Sen, a book of tactics of Fan Dongli, fierce, secretary-general Tong Xiao Hui attend the meeting and make special subject report. The value that more than 400 personnel attending the meeting promotes informatization to entire industry forms consensus, collective delibrate the pertinent question that accelerates industry informatization process.
The conference points out, the add of a year of relay in the past carries trade of our country heat treatment vibrant situation, the company changes make going on wheels extensively, a large number of in small work up of civilian battalion enterprise expands, enterprise technical reformation and updating equipment like a raging fire make progress, build the hot state that gave manufacturing industry of heat treatment equipment, but with advanced industry country photograph comparing returns the difference with not little presence. One of main difference depend on level of industry informatization technology of technology of low, informatization gain ground reach application and development are insufficient, industrialization coming true in entire industry is an arduous and onerous task.

Son's eldest son of Chinese heat treatment thing emerges greatly emphasize: Insist to drive industrialization with informatization, promote informatization with industrialization, walk out of content of a science and technology good, resource uses up tall, economic benefits the way of the new-style industrialization with little pollution of low, environment, it is stimulative industry development, shorten difference of as advanced as international level, enhance the only way in the competition ability on the international market. Requirement room shows entire industry of accurate heat treatment, clean heat treatment and energy-saving heat treatment " 15 " program goal, also must transform with IT, confluence and the heat treatment technology that promote a tradition, management and management concept, make industry of conventional heat treatment generates a qualitative flight, form a new-style modern heat treatment industry. Entire industry must improve knowledge, make overall plans, take practical step, plod, strive to be inside shorter time, advance industry informatization job to obtain apparent actual effect.
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