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Harbin city and Qi Qi breath out current situation of trade of Er city heat trea
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One, current situation of trade of Harbin city heat treatment

1, circumstance of heat treatment equipment. Industry of Harbin city heat treatment is state-owned enterprise plant of much, cent is much, old equipment saline bath furnace is much, much.

Whole town is mutual and at present of all kinds heat treatment heating installation is covered many times 1000, installed capacity is 75 thousand KW about. In equipment with old 3 appearance give priority to: Box type furnace, well type furnace and saline bath furnace. Especially civilian battalion enterprise and joint stock company, all of one suit is these backward equipment.

2, manufacturing situation. Production of heat treatment of annual of heat treatment enterprise machined spare parts quantity to be 92 thousand tons about 2006, annual produce exceeds 184 million yuan. Average utilization rate is equipment of heat treatment industry 70% .

3, circumstance of bad news of water of manufacturing treatment specific power consumption. Whole town heat treatment produces treatment year it is 59.5 million Kwh about with n, average 646kwh/ ton. Average specific power consumption of 10 thousand yuan of production value is 3234kwh. Amount to coal of 1.8 tons of mark. Year total water consumption 222100 tons. The company that uses boiler circulation system has 30.

4, sewage and solid trash processing and arrange a condition. The company that has sewage disposal system has 10 (the system of unified sewage disposal that is large company) . The waste residue that saline bath furnace produces is by the enterprise proper motion is handled, among them the waste residue of individual business receives processing by bout of interconnected system of environmental protection bureau, most enterprise is by the enterprise proper motion is handled.

5, flue gas is handled and arrange a condition. In the enterprise of 10% used smoking machine to discharge atmosphere directly. Individual business used flue gas to handle installation. If Harbin builds group heat treatment factory (war industry enterprise) take encircle duty factor seriously relatively, discharged integral consideration to flue gas when building a plant, all installed the flue gas processing system of relatively effective smoking and concentration in all equipment.

2, condition of company of heat treatment of city of neat neat Hal

The first heavy machinery of Inc. of equipment of neat heavy numerical control, China branch of power station of group company roller and northward machine limited company (war industry enterprise) wait for 3 enterprises to belong to large company, heat treatment is the factory of a cent that serves as interior, can undertake below the premise that makes sure the enterprise is produced daily heat treatment machines a service external. The enterprise takes the energy-saving job that decrease a platoon seriously relatively. China weighs a group to have demand of higher index of specific power consumption to heat treatment specific power consumption, weaving by the designing institute at present program of the energy-saving work that decrease a platoon, plan to build a special natural gas to carry cop at the same time, preparation is on heating furnace of one part heat treatment out of service is gas convert natural gas. Because the flue gas of heat treatment produces an effect relatively badly to other workshop, already took out a solution to prepare to carry out now, to heat treatment additionally heating furnace also will undertake transforming, complete fiber is used to add exterior coating inside furnace, this will improve heat preservation effect to reduce hot loss to achieve better energy-saving result greatly. Company of neat heavy numerical control is changing plan in executive company ability, company numerical control changes modes of life and relation to their environment heavy-duty job shops already completion investment is used, factory of heat treatment cent also is being made in research transform program. Northward machine company is undertaking transform and be updatinged to heat treatment equipment.
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