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Driving development drives heat treatment line of business exuberant equipment d
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The heat treatment industry of main effect is having in manufacturing industry, is current market demand mixed situation how? Fan Dongli of vice-president of guild of heat treatment of expert of heat treatment of our country senior metal, former China teachs an analysis, industry of heat treatment of current our country is accompanying the development of manufacturing industry, market demand is driving, basically be to highlight in 3 respects:

Company of heat treatment treatment grows continuously

China is cheap labour force and low cost production can continue to attract foreign capital to cast to manufacturing industry, be in not merely coastal, and progressively and inward ground is patulous. Outside dividing auto industry, other manufacturing industry is medium and small businesses more. These enterprises won't be done small and complete, basically rely on synergic treatment however. This with respect to meeting drive civilian battalion enterprise is in more heat treatment in what small production company centers relatively is coastal with outback city emerge in large numbers. Had appeared currently the impetus of processing factory of heat treatment of build of investment of foreign capital business showed this. Light industrial mould, foundation, the development that a large number of demand of car and autocycle fittings also spurred heat treatment to process trade. But, process capability of our country heat treatment is put in superfluous phenomenon at present, average utilization rate has facility only 30% , the heat treatment department that makes multilateral battalion big plant executes single class, most two production, or 3 days fish, two days bask in a net. The factory of heat treatment cent of these enterprises, workshop turns after making independence, external synergic enthusiasm will be greatly rising, make the impact that has heat treatment market in couples. The intense contention that increases what add civilian battalion company to be able to form pair of clients further and eagerly the situation of the demand a low price, produce undesirable effect to product quality and company reputation. Accordingly Fan Dongli reminds, when building heat treatment business, must discreet.

Company ability changes and updating equipment demand is strong

In car, aviation, enginery, mould and foundation industry ability changes pull move below, ability changes other industry heat treatment and updating equipment climax also can following sb's heels and come. Current, the height of enterprise technical reformation and deepness already began to appear to change apparently, most enterprise already was not satisfied at the new old acquaintance of groovy technology and equipment to replace, however apt one pace a step, march toward taller state. A lot of civilian battalion enterprises more of capital of with a view to put in effectively, level of hi-tech of first choose and buy, quality is high grade, high the equipment of dependability, to reach Gao Shuiping's goal of production, although beautiful money is much also will not grudge.
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