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The market of Chinese industry electric stove
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With respect to this topic character, the market that should know it above all, its demand reachs its development trend. Industrial electric stove is to be machinist job for the most part, heat treatment industry serves.
1, the demand of the market forecasts:
The spare parts need of 70% has machinist job heat treatment, the component of 70%~80% of industry of car, tractor needs to undertake heat treatment is machined, tool, cutting tool and bearing product criterion 100% need have heat treatment, although a few civil and light industrial the service life of metal, the majority also relies on heat treatment to get rising. And industry of component of fastener industry, bearing industry, chain industry, tool industry, car, tractor, autocycle is rely on heat treatment quality to compete the market. Forecast inside 10 years as industrial development every year 10 thousand T of 40~50 increase hot-working amount newly, together with home is the stale of equipment of very major electric stove, backward, wash out incline to add new, so, the demand of industrial electric stove is very big still.
2, the development trend of electric stove:
The technology of industrial electric stove henceforth will contain bright times feature, have 4 big characteristics: Intelligence is changed, high quality, low cost, environmental protection.
2.1 intelligence are changed
Development manages newest program and heat treatment database, computer simulation emulates technology and control technology, use height flexible change, the integrated control that intelligence turns and administrative system reach its product line at industrial electric stove. The workpiece amount that equipment handlers of future requires to will wait for processing only, design inputs the computer, facilities of a complete set of gives proper motion processing the product of high quality.
Already implemented whole system at present real time much project operates control. If control situation of charge, traversal speed, temperature, carbon to wait, can implement system of much stage group control, full screen surveillance and control enter the trends of makings group by group. Can complete process is controlled, can store a certain number of craft. The craft parameter that detects in moving state of equipment of can complete record (spare parts date, material, temperature, atmosphere) , send the computer to undertake handle and storing recording. Tone is read and can print at any time. But keep in storage record of 10 years.
2.2 high quality
Quality is led dispersedly for 0, heat treatment distortion is 0. Quality controls measure:
Equipment temperature controls: Furnace temperature stability uniformity of 1 ℃ of ≤ ± , furnace temperature uniformity of temperature of 5 ℃ of ≤ , cold treatment 5 ℃ of ≤ . Control of switch type temperature will be washed out.
The atmosphere inside furnace controls: Uniformity of the atmosphere inside furnace ≤ ± 0.05%C. Conditioner of air of appearance of control of power of pump of air of oxygen probe, de-carbon, carbon, heat cooperates electric stove to go up to be used generally reliably.
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