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National level electro-heat installation is basic technical condition is indirec
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National level electro-heat installation is basic technical condition is indirect resistor furnace (1)
GB 10067.4, 88
Replace GB 4836, 84
Basic Specification For Electroheat Installations
Indirect Resistance Furnaces
1 theme content and suitable scope
1.1 standards and GB 10067.1 cooperate, set all sorts of pair of indirect resistor furnace (furnace of resistor of the following abbreviation) the current technology requirement of the product, examine regular, mark and the requirement that pack.
1.2 standards are applied to of all kinds industrial use resistor heat with the experiment, basically be to heat to be mixed with intermittent type with heat treatment continuous resistor furnace, resistor fusion furnace and holding furnace, bath furnace.
This standard does not apply to the electric heat appliance of family expenses and similar utility.
The relation of 1.3 standards and relevant specification should accord with GB 10067.1 the 1.3rd regulation.
2 cite standard
The experiment method of GB 10066.1 electro-heat installation is current part
The experiment method of GB 10066.4 electro-heat installation is indirect resistor furnace
GB 10067.1 electro-heat installation is basic technical condition is current part
Model of product of electro-heat installation of ZB K60 001 and work out method
3 term
Press GB 10066.4 the regulation of the 3rd chapter.
4 products are classified
The model of product of 4.1 resistor furnace should press work out of ZB K60 001.
4.2 resistor furnace presses his the classification of basic structure and characteristic sees next tables.
Name of category of category code name
RB bell furnace
Furnace of RC conveyer belt type
RD report oven
RF forces furnace of convection well type
RG rotary retort furnace with internal screw
Furnace of type of well of RJ natural convection
Furnace of RK hole type
Furnace of particle of RL liquid state
Burner of temper by dipping in water of RM box type (namely multi-purpose furnace)
RN gas nitrogen turns heat
Furnace of cementite of gas of RQ well type
RR resistor is fused furnace
Furnace of type of RT stage car
Furnace of RX box type
RY report bath furnace
RZ brace up bottom type furnace
Burner of ZC vacuum temper by dipping in water
ZR vacuum heat treatment
Experiment of furnace of solder of SG drill rod uses crucible heat
SK experiment uses heat tubal form
SX experiment uses box type heat
SY experiment uses oil bath heat
Allow to undertake complement and be perfectinged to afore-mentioned classification in the product standard of resistor furnace.
The 4.3 products in resistor furnace should press GB 10067.1 in the standard the regulation of the 4th chapter presses temperature of structural type, top job to wait further undertake classified.
5 technologies ask
5.1 general requirements
Resistor furnace should accord with GB 10067.1 each regulation of the 5th chapter.
5.2 pairs of designs and production complement ask
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