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Market of domestic long ability goes situation answer attend to 8 years to look
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Overview: Market of domestic long ability went 2007 force is powerful, lead home the variety of the other of rolled steel. The beginning of the year grows material price to move smoothly, from March the market is started stage by stage, because exit situation is favorable, drive market price case to begin to go up raise; Rolled steel exit was added on May 20 after asking for custom duty policy to come on stage, market state of mind is affected certainly, price of senior capable person is bottom, measurable at the beginning of June in May callback; After July, as a result of domestic economy slant hot growth, and price of domestic raw material is climbed successively tall, what home grows insecurity of lumber market resource and market demand is driving, in bringing about market price case to be in what rise all the time to run a passageway. From the point of whole, price of senior 2007 capable person relatively appeared 2006 considerably rise posture, as a result of,basically be of international demand, cost drive, the element such as volume of crop, export and national policy mutual and alternant or mutual adulteration, drive home to grow material price to march toward the history new tall. Go from the market in light of situation, the following in July 2007 market rises sign is relatively clear, especially November, the extent that the market rises in price and frequency all relatively mad.

Look into 2008, our country economy will still maintain the development momentum of growth, the country will continue to reinforce the monetary policy such as constrictive money, the adjustment that suffers a country to export policy to billet, senior capable person at the same time is affected, natural resources of later period country supplies pressure to will increase somewhat; And the country continues to lag behind to falling into disuse produce what can work to strengthen and deepen, advantageous market length capable person goes situation. Domestic steel city of 8 years will greet high cost times, price perch moves to cannot be avoided surely, predict home grew lumber market to be in 2008 of high cost prop up below, market price case will will be axes to be adjusted up and down around cost price case. Senior lumber market is overall will continue perch moves, because get the influence of the element such as market demand, inventory 2, 3 quarters can produce present price case to fluctuate.

One, market of domestic long ability moved a circumstance to analyse 2007:

Below the action that the senior lumber market 2007 rises in exit situation and raw material, the market goes force is powerful, the price is achieved continuously piece new tall. The price of senior capable person this year rises all the time, extent is more than far 2006. Point to several data to show from graph 1-1 Lange, long 2006 talent is top differ 6.74 a little bit with lowest price index, maximum price of market of senior 2007 lumber appeared December, the index of price of senior capable person December 7 is 208.74 a little bit, lowest price of senior lumber market appeared January, the index of price of senior capable person January 6 is 140.9 a little bit, highest differ 67.84 a little bit with lowest price index, relatively the accretion 2006 61.1 bits, prep above of level of price of whole of senior 2007 capable person 2006.
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