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The development tendercy of steel-making of world electric stove
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Electric stove steel-making is raw material with scrap iron and steel, than pull current of blast furnace, converter Cheng is made an appointment with energy-saving 50% , managing 1/3 controls installation cost, reason regards iron and steel as the main development direction with big energy-saving country, if the United States, European Union was mixed 2004,electric steel score of Japan is not amounted to 52.1% , 38.5% with 25.4% , and our country only 16.1% , the potential that shows progress is very great. To carry out " 915 " the energy-saving and first guiding principle in the program, earnestly should develop electric steel to serve as iron and steel quickly by the important way that becomes strong greatly, the electric power that restricted electric stove development in the past at the same time and in short supply of scrap iron and steel also are in improve, this one opportunity should hold adequately. To take roundabout way less in development, at present occupies daily newspaper data to develop tendercy brief introduction to be as follows to world electric steel, concern reference in order to offer. One, world electric steel produces general situation 2004 crop of world crude steel in 1.06 billion T, electric steel makes an appointment with 300 million T. The 4 large family with electric steel the biggest crop are ordinal for the European Union 29.8 million T of 44 million T of 52 million T of 74.4 million T, United States, China, Japan, gross exceeds 200 million T. The United States is country of the biggest useless steel only outlet. Export 7.14 million T completely in those days, export respectively to medium, Han 2.97 million T and 1.88 million T; Japan exports 6.54 million T completely, export to medium, Han respectively 2.79 million T and 2.66 million T; The European Union is main interiorly is on the move, have only a few export to near neighbour. Japanese electric steel is compared far under European Union and United States, this is main as a result of its home steely market all by dimensions factory owner of bigger blast furnace big steel is guided, add in recent years major product building suffers public project to decrease with rolled steel and show trend of reduction of output, but from energy-saving with the CO that decrease a platoon2Set out, this one situation should grant to consider to correct. 2, steel-making of world electric stove develops tendency Press what held in British Birmingham in March 2005 " conference of European electric steel " data, arrange brief introduction to be as follows: 1. With respect to the world overall development speed looks, electric steel will develop continuously, but differ somewhat in various places, develop in synchronism like crop of Europe, United States criterion and scale, chinese criterion yield rises and scale drops, japan is both all be in low wander. 2. Equipment size is large change advantageous to improving manufacturing efficiency, but should notice form a complete set in order to improve beneficial result. Small-sized furnace is divided outside cast or producing special type steel, because cost is high,will be washed out commonly, if China sets new stove,should be in 70t above. 3. The index such as the manufacturing efficiency of electric stove, power consumption and electrode bad news still has improvement leeway, but outside reducing power consumption respect to eliminate requirement of consideration power supply, the value that returns electrovalency of Lv of take an examination and alternative fuel concerns, gain greater benefit at reducing totle drilling cost with benefit. 4. Manufacturing operation way has a few respects to wait for improve: It is beautiful with activity in series commonly, but from power supply inadequacy and holiday and nightly electrovalency low requirement also can take intermittent work; The way of division of labor that electric stove converts useless steel with Yu Rong and fine shoulders by LF furnace already became the mainstream in major nation, should adopt EBT tapping, steel to rent a car right now receive steel; The carriage of useless steel, grading use worker worker with the exercise such as outfit furnace more, should grant to improve, the electric stove that loads useless steel already developed a success, answer to be popularized stage by stage. 5. Environmental protection measure basically controls index to have noise, effluvial, soot, 2 evil flower, CO
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