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New generation can accuse atmosphere heat treatment furnace is in of bearing ind
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One, use range
Nitrogen of the shallow-layer cementite that is used at bearing, chain, bearing pin, fastener, small-sized mechanical spare parts, carbon in all ooze, brightness quenchs.

2, basic composition
The composition such as furnace of feed machanism, heating furnace, quenching tank, cleaning machine, temper.

3, characteristic of heating furnace structure
1, radiation canal heats, implementation is double-faced to workpiece heat, rose to add thermal efficiency and furnace temperature uniformity greatly.
2, use lining of complete fiber of light qualitative impervious, make an appointment with 30 % than report of section of impervious brick lining.
3, refractory steel silk pledges the net is taken by drive of roller of ask someone else to do what is asked of one coming back, decrease rub caustic, improve service life.
4, control yuan of parts of an apparatus crucially to choose entrance product, the integral dependability of equipment rises greatly.
5, to enhance product security, add safety calls the police system and mechanical interlock.
6, complete man-machine interaction handles Chinese sentence interface, reflect the overall moving condition of equipment, can weave and revise all sorts of craft parameter.

4, characteristic of quenching tank structure
1, quenching tank installation has frequency control oily beater, can reduce workpiece to quench greatly be out of shape.
2, the wind cold heat exchanger of high-power cooling power, enhance the security of equipment.
3, the leakage glassware that close, reduce the oxidation of workpiece, decarbonization.
4, the act that use oil, reduce lampblack to enter increase hot cell.

5, characteristic of cleaning machine structure
1, depart of double chamfer double fluid is cleaned, have liquid call the police and device of automatic fluid infusion.
2, special grease segregator, rotate type gush drenchs the mouth, catharsis effect is good.
3, clean finish enter electric heat drying chamber to undertake stoving.

6, characteristic of temper furnace equipment
1, coping inserts colonies type electric heat to heat canal, wear well. Safeguard convenient.
2, net belt moves in the scroll on the plane that hold course in the palm, improve service life.
3, install those who have waste gas and profit to discharge a canal, decrease to the environment is polluted and improve product quality.
4, controller of temperature of PID of word of outfit know exactly about sth, control precision is tall