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Stock soars aluminous merchandise on hand is supplied enough
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Couplet alloy belongs to a report to show, LME period aluminous stock soars last week, the effect that period price suffers inventory to wait is in 3000 dollars / ton concussion of around narrow cut. The near future is basic if the face is not had relatively upheaval, the price won't appear relatively too big wave motion, short-term inside will still manage concussion situation.

World Bureau of Metal Statistics (WBMS) the data that publish shows, global aluminous city is supplied first quarter this year superfluous 381 thousand tons, the corresponding period was last year supply superfluous 116 thousand tons, aluminous demand of its Central Plains increases 379 thousand tons to reach 9.31 million tons, crop increases 643 thousand tons to reach 9.69 million tons. WBMS expresses, original aluminous requirement is 9.31 million tons during 1-3 month, relatively the corresponding period increased 379 thousand tons last year; Global aluminous crop increases 643 thousand tons during, reach 9.69 million tons. Up to end whole world is aluminous in March inventory summary prep above 3.17 million tons, be equivalent to just exceeding the 30 demand of day.

The report thinks, aluminous main area is fatigued and weak, domestic merchandise on hand is supplied enough, stock of consumptive exhausted soft rises considerably will form suppress to aluminous price; But will for a long time see bauxite rise in price bring about report to solve aluminous cost to rise, at present aluminous cost is maintained be in 17300 yuan / ton with 2200 dollars / ton, aluminous to electroanalysising price provides support, whole of aluminous price of the city after predicting will maintain narrow cut wave motion.