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The country is executed " from close " policy metallurgy equipment needs to deve
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Metallurgy equipment is technology intensive and capital concentrated model enterprise, these year come, line of business of Chinese metallurgy equipment grows quickly, be growth of high speed of economy of profit from China, drove the development of iron and steel industry, make the progress of the metallurgy equipment manufacturing industry of Chinese home thereby. Conference of central economy job points out, carried out dovish finance 2008 policy and from tight monetary policy, without doubt, the country is adopted " from tight monetary policy " , the whole manufacturing industry that equips inside to including metallurgy will produce certain effect.

2007 the end of the year, general office of the State Council allots an announcement, the demand controls project of new go into operation strictly. General office of the State Council ever transmit country hair changes appoint " invest adjusting control about strengthening fixed assets the opinion from project of tight control new go into operation " , the requirement clears in the round project of new go into operation. National hair changes appoint, ministry of land natural resources, silver-colored inspect the 5 ministries and commissions such as the meeting with " extra urgent " release " project of new go into operation clears working guidance opinion " , requirement each district is right the item-by-item of project of new go into operation that the total investment that included statistic range first half of the year 2007 reachs above 100 million yuan undertakes clearing in the round. Among them, to electric power, iron and steel, electroanalysis the industry such as aluminium asks to clear the project that total investment reachs above 30 million yuan. This is the country is carried out from tight monetary policy, prevent economy to grow by slant to turn quickly for overheat, prevent the price to rise by structural sex evolve into those who be apparent inflation " two prevent tighten " concrete step.

Accordingly, loan difficulty increases, financing cost rises, this is a when steely course of study and metallurgy equipment industry were faced with 2008 severe problem. 2008, a batch of of home backward and steely product line will be washed out, a batch of metallurgy that do not accord with a requirement build a project to will be cancelled, demand of metallurgy equipment market also will decrease, this is inevitable trend.

Carry out as the country " from close " monetary policy, the competition of metallurgy equipment market 2008 will be more intense, to manufacturer and businessman, innovation serves a concept, raise service consciousness, also be to be in " from close " below big environment, extend a of metallurgy equipment market fundamental the way to deal with a situation. Metallurgy equipment market of China is very huge, below macroscopical adjusting control, as metallurgy equipment production enterprise should study China is steely the current situation of course of study and industry of Chinese metallurgy equipment, the metallurgy that aims at Chinese metallurgy enterprise to be badly in need of equips, have research and development, develop new market.
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