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"Clean heat treatment " it is direction of development of prospective electric s
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Recently, some industry media was announced, 2007 " user of equipment of the 2nd heat treatment is investigated " report, this findings report at present the equipment of enterprise of user of various places heat treatment distributings basically and use a case for farther understanding, understanding client equips to heat treatment the demand of function and service, and the news source when buying equipment, buy the content such as the habit. Through consuming the investigation analysis of characteristic and trend to the user, reflected the applied level that in last few years heat treatment equips and market demand condition objectively, for henceforth the research and development of the product and improve, the science with politic sale is made, and user enterprise provides reliable reference in the respect such as product of choose and buy.

Investigate half an year of last a period of time this, receive feedback to express 437 in all. The industry distributings to basically come from car, autocycle, component to make, car of aerospace, engine, the many industries such as war industry. Those who investigate a group to basically come from user enterprise is medium advanced technology administrator and partial company controller.

Investigation chose an induction to heat furnace of equipment, vacuum, can accuse atmosphere multi-purpose furnace, ionic nitrogen turns 7 kinds of equipment such as bath furnace of furnace, resistor furnace, fuel furnace, salt. Understand these equipment nearly 5 years to come in the applied circumstance of user enterprise. Statistical result is mirrorred, the enterprise is in in last few years of heat treatment equipment in transforming a process newlier, device of inductive heat treatment. Can accuse atmosphere multi-purpose furnace, vacuum furnace, and ionic nitrogen changes furnace to have in the enterprise increase apparently, and bath furnace of fuel furnace, salt decreases somewhat, among them of saline bath furnace reduce scope the biggest.

To the analysis of demand, in future inside two years, the induction heats device, can accuse atmosphere multi-purpose furnace, vacuum furnace, resistor furnace and ionic nitrogen change furnace to still have very large market space. And demand of saline bath furnace narrows gradually. This also reflected a trend that develops to direction of clean heat treatment on certain level.

But need to point out, the use of fuel furnace and demand are lower still, this explains respect of structure of heat treatment the sources of energy is not quite reasonable still. As we have learned, a lot of abroad are versed in. The developed country is in course of study policy and code respect, discharge cinderily to reduce 2 oxidation sulfur, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, dust to reach, put an end to use coal basically already to make fuel, the use quantity of heavy oil is less and less, convert of light oil be in the majority. Natural gas is optimal fuel.

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