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Iron ore of fresh water river valley should raise price again
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The reporter understood from much home steelworks yesterday, company of fresh water river valley already informed partial China steelworks of the client, the ore that the demand rises to had been signed is long-term contract price, keep balance the value that gives an Asia the user and the value that give Europe the user.
A few steelworks say, fresh water river valley already sent email to inform China of the client before Yu Yitian, the iron ore specified number that announces to supply its since September 1 oneself is adscititious valence 20 % . Be aimed at this one message, river valley of Brazilian fresh water made a statement on its website yesterday, say the message that raises 20 % to iron ore price cannot affirm. Hu Kai expresses the ore analyst that combines gauze, chinese steely enterprise has of short duration not to respond to fresh water river valley to carry the counter that valence asks.