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Korea labour accuses automation - Dan Yangchang amounts to electric equipment
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Our company are labour of a professional management Korea the orgnaization of sale of product of new and high technology that controls automation product, the promotion that basically is engaged in product of industrial automation domain and technology serve. Since the company holds water oneself, depend on scientific management, perfect technology serves and manage high gradely, attracted business of numerous Korea automation fix eyes on.

1Autonics (Aotuonikesi) it is sensor of automation of a factory and controller major company, the market has first place of rate house Korea. All products of Aotuonikesi all won a variety of worlds main attestation norms, and with its the each district of price marketing world with high grade, all ready, reasonable breed. Since entering Chinese market, its low price, reliable quality favors by domestic user, the product is applied extensively at all trades and professions.
Main product: Adjacent switch, photoelectricity switch, fiber-optic sensor, rotate coder, lukewarm accuse implement, computation / timer, rotate speed / linear velocity watch, indication unit (BCD code shows) , watch of sensor controller, electrical engineering face plate, pace takes electric machinery and drive.

2.Koino (build promote electric machinery)
Major of switch of Korea famous brand creates a company, held water 1969, its product is famed with its high quality Korea, last long.
Main product: Pushbutton of series of 30mm of Φ 12- Φ / switch / switch of indicator light, spacing, foot switch, 10 thousand avert close, relay of crossed switch, buzzer, toggle switch, small-sized time, adjacent / photoelectricity switch.

3.DAEYANG (ocean electric machinery)
Korea is famous medium and small businesses, the product pervades with case of high quality, low Korea market, obtain UL and Korea safety attestation.
Terminal of wiring of all sorts of relay of professional production auxiliary relay, power source, electrical outlet, combined-type (15A-100A) , terminal of stationary electric power (10A-300A) , water level relay, pushbutton, indicator light, micro-gap switch.

4.Pownix (Pulishi)
Korea major produces the company of new and high technology of low-pressure electric equipment, be judged to be technical competition ability for years continuously preeminent company. Its product is famed with minor volume of unique design, beautiful shell, choiceness, high quality. Contactor more with its unique excitation kind (excitation of low voltage of communication input, dc) and make sure its are wide voltage work limits and high quality. Obtain CE, ü L, the international attestation such as TUV.
Breaker of breaker of carapace of professional production contactor, hot relay, model, leakage of electricity, miniature breaker, shed relay to wait for product of low-pressure electric equipment too.

5.EOCR (3 and)
Korea major has produced voltaic relay (electric machinery protector) well-known company. Its product obtains multinomial international large award and Korea are multinomial large award achieves ship's classification society of multinomial international attestation and attestation of ABS of American ship's classification society, England attestation of CCS of bureau of check of boat of attestation of LR attestation, KR of Korea ship's classification society, China.
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