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Steelworks reduction of output " hibernate " steely course of study or greet per
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Steelworks reduction of output " hibernate " steely course of study or greet periodic adjust yesterday, partial steelworks expresses, because steel price drops continuously, had begun reduction in production. Analytic personage thinks, steelworks reduction of output can form concussion to the former fuel such as upriver iron ore, predict October, iron ore price can appear inflection point.

Encounter reduction of output of cold current steelworks " hibernate "

"The basis is calculated meticulously, we the plan of rolled steel production September will be decreased from 500 thousand tons it is 360 thousand tons, extent of reduction of output is achieved 30% . " Yang Saiming of general manager of the steel austral yesterday announced this astonishing decision. He expresses not without deep feeling ground, july, na Gang's profit is achieved 400 million multivariate, and profit dropped August it is 300 million yuan. Arrive from July in August, the time of a month, the winter of steelworks came.

Yang Saiming expresses, the company decides reduction of output also is helpless lift. According to present price, deficit of product of general director material achieves 800 yuan at most / ton. Reduction of output is met loss one part client, accordingly, na Gang or decision produce partial loss product, with keeping the market before. Nevertheless, output has fallen for 1/3 original.

Produce integratedly what Na Gang has had 6.5 million tons of steel can, ton profit of steel profit, average per capita all arranges a trade the 4th, net capital gains discharges the 1st.

Be in with a few in the discovery when small steel mill communicates, the steelworks of reduction of output is absent a few. Current, price of domestic steel products goes now the 7th week to drop continuously. What produce rolled steel with mine of merchandise on hand is medium small steel mill is forced to stop blast furnace. Tang Shan produces per year 3 million tons steelworks controller to express, 4 blast furnace of company had stopped 2. Reduction of output has been the fact that does not dispute, rolled steel price can rebound, after seeing the Olympic Games.

At the beginning of August, many market personages are afraid, steel price may appear this year steep fall. Arrive at present, like whorl steel and the high point of the first ten days of a month was compared in June, drop had achieved 10% , and in thick board, hot-rolling price falls achieve 15% .

Steely course of study may be greeted periodic adjust

When steely industry encounters cold current, often can be in 4 - appear to rebound strong inside 6 months. And market personage thinks, price of this round of steel drops basically is demand abate be caused by, add plus macroscopical economy fast occurrence inflection point, of steely industry periodic adjust a likelihood to had come.

Yang Saiming thinks, current steel price drops continuously with before adjust different. Add in macroscopical economy fast below gliding setting, steely industry is faced with will be round periodic adjust.
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