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Price of iron ore merchandise on hand will bring neckline assist price fall afte
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Domestic iron and steel seeks advice from an orgnaization to combine a metal to release a report to say yesterday, price of mine of merchandise on hand of domestic entrance iron ore may be in before mine price negotiation began 2009, fall after a rise arrives as same as long-term contract price standard, even under long-term contract price.

The report points out, current, the price of Indian iron ore on spot market, than 2008 nowadays of 3-4 month apogee dropped 30% , the mine of merchandise on hand of same grade is only to price of long-term contract excessive 10% , like mine of 62% Australia pink price of long-term contract FOB is 90 dollars / ton, at present India spot price is 62% pink mine 95-100 dollar / ton.

Price of both 2007 excessive exceeds 100% for a long time, negotiation result made long-term contract price rises greatly 2008 71% hind, spot price still tower above is long-term contract price 50% . As a result of 2008 year piece mine is long-term the contract rises in price 96.5% , go up exceed powdery ore deposit, the spot price that is the same as grade piece mine at present and long-term contract price had been hanged. The personage inside most course of study is forecasted, spot price of entrance iron ore may continue to show next walking situation.

The report thinks, blame of price of iron ore of merchandise on hand is at present short-term adjust, however periodic drop, spot price still is compared tall first half of the year 2007 100% , prospective market will lead long-term contract price fall after a rise by spot price, 6 years spot price led no less than to close for a long time to rise together in the past.