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New steel small pink of 1 million tons of scoria changes building materials time
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The near future, first 1000 tons exceed fine scoria small pink anew company of steel Xinhua building materials sells city of past Gao An, indicate project of small pink of 1 million tons of scoria of company of move new steel produces beneficial result formally. Discard unused waste residue is succeeded to transform new-style building materials before, new steel company from this to smelt waste residue " 0 discharge " the target stepped solid one pace.

New steel company has discharge capacity of waste residue of 1.3 million tons of blast furnace every year, 3 period ability change finishing hind, discharge capacity of blast furnace waste residue is achieved annual 2.6 million tons. To protect an environment, new steel company is imagined in what put forward to build resource to use base integratedly at the beginning of 2007. Carry capital attraction, new steel company established limited company of Xinhua building materials, build project of small pink of 1 million tons of scoria, development exceeds fine scoria small pink, have deep treatment partly, form scale of production of cement of 700 thousand tons of scoria. Its dominant product exceeds fine scoria small pink to be raw material with waste residue of new steel blast furnace, through stoving, wear exceeds fine scoria small pink, mix into enters concrete in, can wait for a quantity to replace cement not only, reduce project cost, and the packing that can increase concrete, increase the strength of concrete, make the concrete after sclerosis has good wear. What use as a result of its at the same time is blast furnace litter, but managing and many production cement uses cannot renewable resources, reduce environmental pollution.

As we have learned, as a result of cheap of qualitative actor price, company of building materials of new steel Xinhua opens those who send production to exceed fine scoria small pink to be favorred in market of cement building materials by the client, many clients pay ahead of schedule, purchase in advance product of this one new-style building materials. The success of project of small pink of 1 million tons of scoria is produced, mean new steel company to will realize blast furnace waste residue to arrange the form a complete set with processing not only, for new steel company implementation loop economy lays solid foundation, the cavalcade of base of green building materials that also will make south of its ascend body large.