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Oversize bearing forgings product line already was in put into production of sta
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Group of made of baked clay axis showed a few days ago, a home's advanced oversize bearing forgings product line already was in this company start working put into production, its put into production makes this group becomes the bearing with northeast the largest area to forging manufacturing base. According to introducing, this product line can machine the smallest external diameter to be the 3.7 rice, forging that heft 3 tons for the 600 millimeter, biggest external diameter.

Respect of made of baked clay axis expresses, rise this year, what product of special form a complete set and equipment manufacturing industry are badly in need of 16 technologies that a series of nation emphasises develop replace entrance product to be in in succession garden of industry of made of baked clay axis produces, but the forging of a lot of large products that want in production, made of baked clay axis still needs to be imported from abroad, this raised manufacturing cost not only, still lengthened manufacturing cycle. The put into production of afore-mentioned product line is covering with tiles to satisfy the production demand of forging of product of axial group oversize, laid a foundation for goods quickly to user of equipment manufacturing industry for this company.