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Development of the refined outside furnace reachs classification
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The development as modern science and technology and industry and agriculture rise to what rolled steel quality asks, steelworks used technological process of the fine outside furnace generally, it already made the indispensable important segment in contemporary steel-making craft. Because this kind of technology can improve the productivity of steel-making equipment, improve rolled steel quality, reduce specific power consumption, decrease be able to bear or endure material, the sources of energy and ferroalloy are used up, accordingly, technology of the fine outside furnace already made the way that current world steely metallurgy develops. The problem that exists to technology of the fine outside furnace and development direction are necessary to undertake discussing.
The development course of technology of the fine outside 1 domestic and international furnace and current situation
As the ceaseless progress of steel-making technology, the fine outside furnace has had important place in contemporary and steely production, traditional pull current Cheng (furnace of steel-making of blast furnace → (electric stove or converter) ) of → ingot casting, progressively already by new technological process (pretreatment of molten iron of blast furnace → Lian Zhu of → of the fine outside furnace of → of → steel-making furnace) be replaced. Already made the main technological process that domestic and international large and steely enterprise produces, be in especially special steel domain, fine and development of the technology that connect casting must mature with each passing day. Fine working procedure has crucial effect in whole technological process, what can raise steel through this working procedure on one hand is pure degree, purify is harmful be mingled with, undertake microalloy is changed handle; with field trash denaturation on the other hand, fine is an amortize link, be helpful for the production that connect casting undertaking balancedly.
Japan in 20 centuries 70 time are reduce steel-making cost, those who raise steel is pure spend and quality, take the lead in using technology of the fine outside furnace in special steel production, subsequently the steely enterprise of Western Europe also joins promotion and the range that use this technology in. According to data report, japan is in early refining yield was achieved 1985 65.9% , rose to 73.4% 1989, the refining yield of special steel is achieved 94% , build steel mill of electric stove short circuit technology of the 100% fine outside using heat. Development of technology of 80 time Lian Zhu is rapid, original steel-making furnace satisfies Lian Zhu's technology to ask hard, more the development of technology of the fine outside promoting furnace, till 1990 each main industry country has the world many 1000 (set) equipment of the fine outside furnace.
Our country is in early 20 centuries 50 time end, 60 time metaphase uses tall alkalinity to synthesize broken bits in steel-making production in steel of bearing of smelt of the to decoke in tapping process, steel Bao Jing condition takes off the preliminary fine technology such as gas, but equip without refined. 60 time metaphase comes 70 time are a little special steel industry (big smelt metal, Wu Gang) introduce device of fine of a batch of vacuum. The fine device that development of proper motion of 80 time our country develops is thrown gradually use () of equipment of the furnace that be like LF, dusting, agitate, the unit such as institute of Heilongjiang province metallurgy combined development to develop aircraft of the machine that feed a clue, the route that wrap core and alloy core line, perfected the auxiliary technology of technology of the fine outside furnace. This technology is already special and mature now, be core with technology of the fine outside furnace " Trinitarian " short circuit craft applies extensively at home enterprise of each iron and steel, obtained very good result. Chu Lian (electric stove or converter) Lian Zhu of → fine → , became the craft short circuit of modern model.
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