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Industrial furnace introduces
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Industrial furnace is to be in industrial production, use the quantity of heat that fuel burns or electric energy changes, the hot project facilities that stock or workpiece heat. Broad sense ground says, boiler also is electric stove of a kind of industry, but customarily people does not include it inside industrial furnace limits.

The main component of industrial furnace has: Intake air heater of furnace of smoke evacuation system, industry mixes furnace of body of industrial furnace build by laying bricks or stones, industry industrial furnace burner. The industrial heat that machinist job uses has a variety of kinds, in foundry, furnace of furnace of the cupola that has fusion metal, induction, resistor furnace, electric arc furnace, vacuum furnace, open-hearth furnace, crucible; Drying-out of the sand mold kiln that has roast sand mold, ferroalloy and cast annealing furnace; In v workshop, have all sorts of pair of heating furnace that before steel ingot or billet undertake forge, heat, with the heat treatment furnace that stress eliminates after forge; In workshop of metallic heat treatment, have those who improve workpiece machinery performance all sorts of anneal, normalizing, quench and the heat treatment furnace of temper; Soldering workshop, have stove of the temper after furnace of the warm-up before the solder of weldment and solder; The heating furnace that there is agglomeration metal in pulverous metallurgy workshop.

Industrial furnace applies extensively still at other industry, ore sintering furnace and the metallic fusion furnace that is like metallurgical industry, coking plant furnace; The distillation furnace of oil industry and cracking furnace; The happening of gas industry furnace; The cement kiln of silicate industry and glass annealing furnace of fused, glass; The roast furnace of food industry.

The creation of industrial furnace and development are having very main effect to human progress. China appeared in business generation relatively perfect refine copper furnace, electric furnace temperature achieves 1200 ℃ , furnace internal diameter amounts to 0.8 meters. In period of age the Warring States, people mastered the skill that raises furnace temperature further on the foundation of frit copper furnace, produce thereby went out cast-iron.

1794, the cupola of straight canister form with cast-iron fusion appeared on the world. Arrive after 1864, the principle of furnace of type of accumulation of heat that French horse man applies English Xi Menzi, built the open-hearth furnace of the first steel-making that heats with aeriform fuel. He uses regenerator to be mixed to air gas undertake high temperature warm-up, assured the temperature of the 1600 ℃ above that steel-making place needs thereby. 1900 around, electric energy is supplied gradually enough, begin to use all sorts of resistor furnace, electric arc furnace and heat of induction having core.

20 centuries 50 time, furnace of the induction that do not have core gets developing quickly. Appeared again later electron beam furnace, use electron beam to pound solid state fuel, the material that aggrandizement surface heats and can fuse Gao Rong is nodded.
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