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Electric stove steel-making is electric run the development with electric stove
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Furnace of freeboard power electric arc regards electric arc furnace as the fundamental direction of development, to achieve its high yield, low cost, high grade goal, must have fast and accurate birth control, comprehensive and optimized general management. Sheet knows the control of electric arc furnace and administrative method by experience or basis general, already cannot get used to manufacturing need, and in producing a process to control, electric moving is very crucial technology.   

Electric arc furnace is electric moving is the safeguard with the most primary production of electric stove smelt, it matters to the problem of all many sided such as smelt craft, raw material, electric, equipment, affect the each technology economic norms that electric stove steel-making produces directly, because this is right the research sense that its have maximize is great, not only be helpful for equipment resource the direct motion that can safeguard smelt technology, adequately, still can rise productivity, energy-saving fall bad news.   

1 electric move to develop with electric stove technology

50 time, to improve productivity of electric arc furnace, use the method that increases electric stove transformer to heighten tension to raise power input at that time, use namely " tall voltage, high-power " moving system. To 60 time, furnace size is very not large still at that time, power level is very not high also, it is 400 KVA/t about, transformer total capacity is controlled in 30 MVA. This one period, electric stove basically produces special steel, alloy steel, flow is casting of the model after electric stove tapping.     

Increase as what furnace offers electric power, the radiate to lining erodes electric arc to increase greatly. In the later period in 70 time, turn mode of operation of great power, big electric current, short electric arc for a time. Consequently, power factor value is inferior, handle the work in power of the biggest electric arc especially, power factor is only 0.72 the left and right sides. Because of short and thick electric arc, decrease to lining heat radiation, because enhance power,reduced of fireproof to lining material erode strongly, also improved thermal efficiency; Increase as a result of electric arc electric current at the same time, strengthen to the agitate of slag, aggrandizement of bath conduct heat; In addition, stability of short electric arc of big electric current is tall, small to the concussion of electrified wire netting. This one period, typical furnace transformer size is controlled in 50 MVA about, power level is 500 KVA/t about, typical flow includes rolling mill of furnace, Lian Zhu, marvellous wire for electric stove, steel.   

Alleged " low voltage " and " short electric arc " it is opposite only at same transformer size character. Actually, if transform furnace of electric arc of a common power,be furnace of freeboard power electric arc, because power increases greatly, what 2 voltage of transformer and electric arc length compare furnace of electric arc of common before power is big. This kind of short arc operates a way, call again in the United States " law of slip power factor " . Its should be nodded is whole fusion process use the tension with quite low first gear only first and last and job of successive change electric current is nodded. If use the loop character of the balance to describe the job theoretically,nod " slip " , that is power factor first by electric arc power the biggest drop (0.72 ~ 0.75) transfers gentlily gradually (0.707) , decrease again 0.68. This kind of case fits the condition at the United States: Useless steel industry developeds, can assure to abandon bloom to spend into furnace small and even. The difficulty of this kind of method is judgement when by short arc of instead of relatively long arc.   
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