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The brand of commonly used steel, function and utility
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Brand of steel of structure of 1 carbon element reachs utility


Grade Qb/MPa and old
The standard uses Q195 of road of   of   of   of       -- 315 ~ 390 A1 is used at making to bear the weight of iron of circle of minor part, iron wire, iron, mat, split pin, pull rod, stamping workpiece and weldment. Q215 A 335 ~ 410 A2 is used at making spare parts of circle of pull rod, ferrule, gasket, ooze, cementite and weldment wait. Class of B C2 Q235 A 375 ~ 460 A3 A, B is used at making the cementite with not high demand of strength of metallic structural member, core or carbolic nitrogen in all ooze, pull rod, connecting rod, hook, coupling, bolt, nut, sleeve, axis and receive; Class of C, D is used at making to solder importantly structural member. B B3 C -- D -- Q255 A 410 ~ 510 A4 is used at making the part with the strength not high demand such as runner shaft, arbor, hook, pull rod, rocker, wedge. This loses weldability passable. B C4 Q275 -- 490 ~ 610 C5 is used at making a rod kind, the spare parts with the strength high demand such as chain wheel, gear, hook.

Note: The Q in the brand represents yield point, the number represents yield point numerical value from the back

Brands of 2 commonly used steel of structure of element of high grade carbon reach utility

Heat treatment of steel group name kind hardness HBS
(≤ ) road of   of   of   of   of the   that use   is common plasticity of 148 of normalizing of 15 of manganese content steel, tenacity; Weldability can be mixed cold control function all wonderful, but intensity is inferior, use at making to get power not quite, fastener, stamping workpiece and the part of the spare parts with tenacity higher demand, small negative charge that do not seek heat treatment, for example bolt, bolt, brace, flange dish wait. Normalizing
156 of normalizing of 20 of steel of content of common manganese of 99 ~ 143 uses temper at making not to experience very great stress and the demand is very high the mechanical spare parts of tenacity, for example lever, axle sleeve, bolt, remove heavy hook to wait. Still can use at making exterior hardness tall and advocate the cementite part that the ministry has sex of particular strength He Ren. Normalizing
Temper 197 ~ 241 uses normalizing of 103 ~ 156 45 at making to ask intensity is higher, the spare parts with medium tenacity, in tone normally condition of qualitative, normalizing falls use, expression quenchs hardness is in commonly 40 ~ 50HRC, for example gear, rack, chain wheel, axis, key, sell, the spare parts of compressor and pump and axial roller. Replaceable cementite steeliness builds gear, axis, piston pin to wait, but should quench with exorbitant frequency or blaze surface quenchs. Normalizing
255 of ~ of 60 229 of steel of content of common manganese of 255 of ~ of 156 ~ 217 217 has temper quite high intensity and flexibility, but quench arise from time to tome crack the tendency, only ability of small-sized spare parts applies quench, large part uses normalizing more. Use at making axis, bedspring, gasket, clutch, cam wait. Cold the plasticity when be out of shape is inferior. This steel is 197 of normalizing of 2OMn of steel of taller manganese content steel of cementite of tall manganese low carbon. Can use at making camshaft, gear, shaft coupling, hinge, drawbar wait. This steel weldability can be passable. 6OMn normalizing 229 ~ 269 the intensity of this steel is higher, it is good that temper by dipping in water appears spring steel of sexual carbon element, decarbonization tendentiousness is small, but opposite heats up sensitivity, easy generation quenchs crackle, have temper brittleness, comfortable build at making helix play, annulus of all sorts of board reed, oblate bedspring, bedspring and piece wait with cold-drawing steel wire and clockwork spring.
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