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Ammonia decomposes the technology of the furnace that make hydrogen and configur
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Ammonia decomposes the technical characteristic of the furnace that make hydrogen:
1) decompose furnace: Ammonia decomposes the furnace that make hydrogen inside bravery uses stainless steel of high grade heat-resisting 2520 material are qualitative, TIG solders. Use U vertical tubal account to decompose furnace, slow down of the velocity of flow when can making liquefied ammonia is entered is even, the nickel accelerant that can make the place inside furnace is installed gets making full use of do not have blind angle. Use this material to have high temperature resistant, corrosion resistance character can strong, service life is long wait for a characteristic.
2) activator: Use activator of agglomeration of high temperature of Z204 of courtyard of southwest chemical industry nickel, to liquefied ammonia it is good to disclose the result, have decompose active tall, not easy pulverization, activator and not easy ageing.
3) heating element: Interior heats the system uses nickel chromic alloy, hot effect is tall and appear not easily breakdown, the cotton of heat preservation of fiber of light qualitative siliceous aluminium that heat preservation system uses classics vacuum to suck filter to shape, adiabatic effect is good, reduce what ammonia decomposes furnace to come loose hot sex, reduce the waste of electric energy effectively. My company ammonia decomposes furnace to use new structure, electric heat silk changes ceaselessly below angry circumstance: When electric heat silk appears to rupture or damage, disconnect power source, pull electric heat silk from furnace a side next. Inserting new electric heater go in, serve power supply can. The cycle when silk of drawing style electric heat changes is short, 10 minutes can be finished change exercise. Vintage before structure is used inside silk of buy electric heat, when electric heat filar happening ruptures and should stop whole furnace when attaint, etc the chamber of a stove or furnace strips off next below furnace thermal drop taking out electric heat silk changing, because some companies are impossible to buy two equipment at the same time, a job reserves. Waste time namely so the normal production of influential firm. The price that occasionally the price of the one furnace product of the company compares an equipment likely is expensive still.
4) heat exchanger: When ammonia decomposes furnace to work, the liquefied ammonia of ammoniac bottle enters vaporizer, make the liquefied ammonia of liquid state gets vaporization, make liquefied ammonia becomes gaseous state from liquid state, reduce the electric energy waste that ammonia decomposes, assure ammonia decompose rate, assure the service life of activator.
5) aeriform condenser: Of aeriform heat exchanger but preliminary fall bottom ammonia decomposes furnace to come out the temperature that pyrolysis enrages, the liquefied ammonia that still can make decompose furnace into ammonia gets aerification, reduce ammonia to decompose furnace pressure, from aeriform heat exchanger preliminary get dropping in temperature.
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