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Without extra heat type aluminium casts the characteristic of mixture furnace
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Aluminium casts mixture furnace is the main installation that aluminium casts, its defect is to need extra heat, heat preservation effect is poor, power consumption is tall, aluminium burns caustic big, casting is caused this tall; Cast a kind when project of energy-saving new technology is mixture furnace to solve this one problem and be developed namely without adscititious type aluminium new-style mixture furnace, it is had need not extra heat, heat preservation effect is good, aluminium burns caustic small wait for a characteristic; Its are main the principle is to use electroanalysis the quantity of heat of itself of former aluminous fluid and the heat preservation performance with mixture good furnace, will assure to cast the mould temperature that place of different aluminous product requires, satisfy the requirement that aluminium casts.

Use without extra heat type aluminium casts mixture furnace to have different aluminous product (remelting uses aluminous rod of aluminous ingot, aluminium alloy club, electrical engineering circle) mould, moving in order, return at the same time can a few digestive foundry returns, aluminium burns caustic to cast mixture furnace under the aluminium that uses formerly far.

Domestic and international aluminium casts mixture furnace to begin 9 packets of aluminium to need to warm up, after waiting for mould 1 hour, temperature of aluminous fluid mould is too low, should cast continuously still need to warm up, at the same time aluminium burns caustic big; And use without extra heat type aluminium casts mixture furnace, successive mould one furnace (about 4 ~ 5 hours) , need not warm up, can satisfy manufacturing requirement completely.

This technology in Shanxi Yang Quan Inc. of aluminous course of study applies, come to saved fifteen million nine hundred and thirty-nine thousand yuan in all 2004 from 2002, reduce cast charge 113.85 yuan / ton - aluminous, reduced labor intensity of the worker at the same time, improved working environment. Have remarkable economy and social beneficial result.