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Heat treatment is energy-saving make progress with environmental protection tech
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To metallic stuff, especially steely material, material smelt, cast, forge make friends shapes etc gift material with body, and heat treatment gifts material with the soul. Heat treatment is the assurance of material function.
Heat treatment engineering technology has quite long history, can period of retroactive remote antiquity. But the development that making heat treatment theory and application develop quickly truly is latter-day and mechanical industry. As the development of contemporary and mechanical industry, rise to what function of of all kinds component asks, how to dig the performance potential of material, performance level that raises material and service life, raise taller requirement to heat treatment, make the progress of heat treatment theory, technology, equipment.

The economy of our country maintains rapid growth for years, machinist job also presents rapid growth trend. Our country already became the big state of steely production, predict steel output achieves 500 million tons of above this year, mechanical equipment is made already also became world big state. But because machinist owner wants to center in recent years rapid development, still be in straightforward style to run development level, on the respect such as basic research, technology, with international advanced level still has certain difference. Be in especially metallurgy, cast, shape, the respect specific power consumption such as heat treatment big, pollution is serious wait for a problem still very outstanding, the energy-saving, pressure that decrease a platoon is very enormous.

The development of heat treatment industry relies on the development of machinist job, the expands heat treatment trade quickly development of machinist job brought good luck and challenge.

Development of 2 mechanical industry and the opportunity that heat treatment faces and challenge

1, the development state of affairs of machinist job

(1) machinist job is in our country the position of the pillar industry of national economy consolidates further

The growth of the machinist estate development to economy of our country countryman and national defence force is having main effect, have important place. 2006, breakthrough of mechanical gross value of industrial output closes 5 trillion yuan greatly, achieve five thousand four hundred and seventy-one billion seven hundred and seventy-seven million yuan, grow 30.06 % compared to the same period; Industry increases a value to amount to one thousand four hundred and thirty-seven billion and eighty-three million yuan, grow 32.12 % compared to the same period. Entire industry is successive develop smoothly 4 years quickly with the amplitude of 20 % above. 2006, chinese machinist job realizes profit total to amount to 296.6 billion yuan, achieve the history new tall, than going up year of growth 36 % . Our country machinist job was compared 2006 on year increase profit completely 78.5 billion yuan, the contributive rate that increases profit newly to countrywide industry the corresponding period amounts to 17.69 % , house industry each industry the first. Machinist job is in our country the position of the pillar industry of national economy consolidates further.
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