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Temper by dipping in water of steel of commonly used structure appears sexual se
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This software system is versed in with machinery of trade department aid financially a project to be become for fundamental development, counting the home state-owned large and medium-sized the enterprise gets applied. The appraisal that in mechanical technology development foundation chairs is met on, concerned expert thinks consistently: The technology that this project develops and fill of all of computer science department home is blank, to promoting the technology of heat treatment industry progress has important theory and economic value, all of computer science department that optimizes in structural steel select material, craft studies the respect is broken through somewhat, achieved international advanced level.
The systematic data system that prop up includes steel of 15 kinds of H and other steel of 65 kinds of commonly used structures, add up to all sorts of the floor level on the chemical composition of 80 steel grade, critical temperature, temper by dipping in water appears a gender to take or curvilinear data, CCT graph data. The system still collected 50 kinds to quench the H value of medium reachs relevant data, and express the equivalent distance that carry temper by dipping in water, round marvellous diameter, quench medium H is worth 3 person between the data of correlation.

Main function of the system reachs a characteristic:

Interface beautiful, operation is convenient
Use Windows graph interface, user interface is friendly, use convenient.

Temper by dipping in water appears gender and organization and function to forecast
The temper by dipping in water that can forecast homebred steel according to the chemical composition computation of steel appears gender and curve of upright temper by dipping in water, and the temper by dipping in water that steel plants shows sexual tape. At the same time but the actual cooling condition according to steel, forecast steel quench organization and function,

Select material and dimension are optimized
Choose proper name to need the work of heat treatment, and applicable temper by dipping in water appears sexual chart to undertake dimension is optimized, when assuring to quench below foregone condition, workpiece is sectional on the hardness that specifies bit of part satisfies a requirement.

CCT graph is handled
Movable condition shows the temper by dipping in water of steel appears a gender to take CCT graph, can undertake to CCT graph automatic ration is handled, the refrigeration that finish fast overlay, organization and function are forecasted, critical cold fast demarcate. Came true to use the intelligence that CCT curve is made and optimizes heat treatment craft to change.

Show and print
Show and print the temper by dipping in water that designates a name to show sexual graph and tape. Readable those who take any places on the graph is cold fast, demarcate is critical cold fast, hardness is forecasted etc.
This system software, welcome of all kinds user to choose. Systematic quoted price: 5000 yuan
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