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Industry of machine tool machinery puts the main problem that be in
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Although our country mechanical industry obtained the result of arrogant person, but the austere sex that we also see mechanical situation should soberly, our country still is existing equipment is backward, the talent is in short supply, craft extensive, wait for adverse element without foreword competition, particularly close go up newly two years the enterprise has not finished primitive accumulation, fight risk ability weaker. Baconian rising basically is a few such problems:

(one) , business equipment is backward, the action propping up of dimensions enterprise is insufficient

Come a few years, although many enterprises undertook changing to producing equipment, but still the company with not little amount to still uses dated, pallet, backward birth device, affected product quality and market competition ability directly. Lack the industry bibcock that can lead the industry inside area to upgrade especially, the action propping up of dimensions enterprise is not highlighted apparently, fight risk ability not strong.

(2) , product class is not high, of new and high technology change intention insufficient

Our country mechanical product does not issue 400 many set, on 10 thousand breed, but return some products class not tall, market competition capability is not strong. Series product quality does not press a standard, most enterprise relies on competition of low price of popular goods of dependable quality to keep production, cost tax rate of tall, interest is low.

The shortage of technical qualified personnel also is our country mechanical industry a very outstanding issue, the lack of advanced technology qualified personnel, the frequent flow of technical personnel, affected the development of our country mechanical industry directly. Because technical personnel amount is insufficient, mechanic level is not high, technology of a few production achieves design requirement hard, achievement of new science and technology also encountered difficulty when be changed to productivity. In enterprise interior, complete a worker education not do one's best, employee quality is not high, cannot get used to the demand that expands a situation far, become the bottleneck that restricts business development.

(3) , service system is weaker, the effect propping up that stimulative industry develops is insufficient

Impetus of development of our country mechanical estate is swift and violent, but the need that system of the service that prop up cannot get used to development situation far however. Flow to developing the substance closely related with mechanical industry, can exhibit, information, groom, seek advice, the integrated service system such as intermediary takes seriously insufficient, did not form the action of strong the service that prop up that can promote mechanical industry health to develop.

(4) , orderly competition is confused, the control action of market order is insufficient
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