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Material finishing new technology
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Material finishing new technology

Carbon of nitrogen of 1. salt bath in all ooze (TUFFTRIDE QPQ) technology
TUFFTRIDE Q craft is pass the part simple be cleaned beforehand and arrive in the warm-up in air after 450 ℃ of 350 ~ , azotic carbon undertakes in chamfer of alkaline hydracid salt in all ooze, processing temperature is 580 ℃ normally, maintain 60 ~ 120min commonly, can be reduced below special situation or raise high temperature. Refrigeration is to use an oxidation model cooling chamfer, in 350 ~ undertake inside limits of 400 ℃ temperature, the hot water that sheds with gush subsequently cleans workpiece. Oxidation is cooling besides cooling rate slow, outside the dimension stability that is beneficial to a spare parts, still have other benefit: ① increases corrosion resistance significantly; Surface of ② spare parts produces oxidation film in the resultant in chamfer of alkaline hydracid salt; ③ acquires better slip property.
After oxidation is handled, the spare parts can undertake polishing is handled (TUFFTRIDE QP) or undertake in oxidation chamfer sequel is handled again after polishing (TUFFTRIDE QPQ) , in process of follow-up oxidation processing, the surface roughness of polishing surface won't produce change.

Technology of film of diamond of 2. ion precipitation
In deposit of surface of finished product cutting tool filmy or kind of diamond is deposit on other substrate after film of a diamond gets off again solder is in cutting tool surface. The principle of preparation diamond film is above all preparation gives ionic condition carbon, make its are in next new any crystalline substance changes workpiece face and get, because be not the existence of brilliant condition carbon and black lead, what obtain below most circumstance actually is kind of diamond film.

Technology of 3. thermal spraying
Thermal spraying is to use heat source to heat spray material fused or bate, rely on to heat comes from the motivation of the body or tell air current adscititiously, frit drop pulverization or the bead that drive frit bead to become eject bundle, form the technique of coating to matrix surface with fixed rate eject.
Be in spray process or after coating is formed, heat to metallic matrix and coating, make coating is in matrix surface melt, diffuse with matrix generation or each other frit, form the gush solder layer that is united in wedlock with base material metallurgy, call hot gush frit.
The advantage of thermal spraying: Methodological diversity, coating extensive, workpiece is not restricted, craft is handy.
Thermal spraying sort: Spray of flame spraying, electric arc, plasma spray.
1) flame spraying:
① is common flame spraying: With oxygen - fuel gas is heat source, heat spray material to fuse or fuse partly condition, arrive with eject of high speed air current the matrix that passes pretreatment apparently, form the coat that has requirement property.
② explosion spray: The county sends spray gun certain proportional oxygen and acetylene gas inside, mix powder of spray of azotic the others by another entrance again next send, the gas mixture that has certain amount and powder are filled to await inside the gun, have stir up trouble of electric spark a place of strategic importance, make oxygen - acetylene mixes produce explosion, generate quantity of heat and pressure wave. Spray powder is in obtain quickly while be heated, bump in workpiece surface, form compact coating.
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