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China exported steel to achieve the history completely in August new tall
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According to the data that custom publishs, portion China exported rolled steel in all in August 2008 7.68 million tons, exit billet 560 thousand tons, import rolled steel 1.33 million tons, entrance billet 10 thousand tons, all convert becomes crude steel, china imported steel in all August 1.42 million tons, exit steel 8.73 million tons, export steel completely in all 7.31 million tons, grow 62.3% compared to the same period, annulus comparing grows 14.9% . Continuity of steely August exit increases is to accord with those who anticipate.

Because demand increases fast fall after a rise, near future international and domestic price appeared to drop certainly, because domestic price drops range is bigger, difference of price of domestic and international steel is pulled further big, make company exit steely product comparing is sold in home more make money, the market rumor that drawback of steely of course exit is about to cancel also is in quite the enterprise is made intensify exit grab on degree the addition of short-term profit.

The near future is notable is spot price of domestic iron ore is fast drop, a few weeks short time drops had been as high as 20% , what we worry is raw material price drop can bring those who send rolled steel price is farther drop.

Current and steely an angle that is worth from appraise had left bottom not far, the much of share price drops had finished, we need to await the 3rd quarter now major iron and steel appears on the market of company outstanding achievement glide apparently.