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Wash out obsolete equipment to expedite heat treatment energy-saving decrease a
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Heat treatment industry is bad news can large family, bad news can while the emission of the factory is in again the home that eroding our beauty- - the earth, caused serious environmental pollution, air pollution, noise pollution is waited a moment, destroyed heat treatment plant the healthy life of around dweller, also two pairs grandson lives unbornly the environment caused very big menace. Be aimed at this kind of current condition, energy-saving, fall bad news, decreasing a platoon is heat treatment and all bad news can large family is pressing settlement problem. Reporter with respect to heat treatment industry the problem of the energy-saving now current situation that decrease a platoon, existence and how to solve these problems to wait a special interview a moment secretary-general of society of profession of Baoding city heat treatment, association Professor Wen Xinlin.

Reporter: At present industry of our country heat treatment has begun to undertake conciously energy-saving decrease a platoon, please you are brief talk about industry of our country heat treatment the energy-saving current situation that decrease a platoon.

Wen Xinlin: 2006, the United States released route chart of strategy of industry of American heat treatment 2007, among them one is in namely a certain number of 0 pollution that heat treatment industry should realize after year. The heat treatment guild of this shows United States and government are energy-saving to heat treatment decrease a platoon to take seriously very much. So our China is in 3 two years recently guild of heat treatment of society of profession of countrywide heat treatment, whole nation and society of heat treatment of each province city, association and professional committee begin to take heat treatment seriously to pollute a problem in succession, also undertook delibrate for many times.

Since 1978 did not progress basically to industry of heat treatment of the China 5 years ago, appear even retrogression. Come nearly 5 years national hair changes appoint, machinist Cheng federation begins to take heat treatment industry seriously, had advanced heat treatment facility, for instance vacuum furnace, net belt furnace is waited a moment, still have various quench advancedly medium, and begin in large lab and plant business p reaper move. But because heat treatment worker has,comparative sense of one part person is conservative, dated, dare not use these alleged water boldly base quench medium, mentioning the first response every time is alloy steel uses oily oil, carbolic steel uses water oil, what accept to strange thing is very slow.

Every city has the small plant that machinery makes now, according to the past every small plant has heat treatment workshop. Since reforming and opening, these heat treatment workshops had been disbanded for the most part. The heat treatment workshop of state-owned company closes down in succession, rational wants to foreknown scientific worker begins him to get heat treatment project. Nevertheless, because the individual's power is limited, their equipment some buys new some to buy old Xiu Yixiu. Such equipment certainly will causes component quality general particularly won't careful, environmental protection, clean, wasteful and many report, coal, oily.
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