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Heat treatment equipment is energy-saving technical reformation is imperative
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Development of nearly 20 years of home and introduce those who have advanced level is little, without oxidation heating furnace, like vacuum furnace, protective atmosphere furnace, can accuse furnace of atmosphere furnace, ionic nitriding to wait occupy scale to be not worth 20% , nevertheless, these advanced heating installation because the quality of management and handlers is not high, equipment of not sufficient play is due action.

Accordingly, imperative to technical reformation of heat treatment heating furnace. Should popularize new technology, development new technology material, groom the worker improves industry employee quality. The newer job of heat treatment tooling also comparatives onerous, new-style vacuum heating installation and protective atmosphere are used in promotion, can accuse atmosphere heating installation while, it is likewise important to undertake technical reformation to traditional active service old old heating installation. The choice is practical have economic program and technical reformation measure, try to popularize, can create considerable wealth for enterprise and country.

Natural gas is optimal the sources of energy logical alternative the sources of energy is heat treatment equipment energy-saving the first issue that wants a consideration. The sources of energy of heat treatment can be divided commonly for electric energy and fuel two kinds big. Use phone or use fuel, and with why to plant fuel depends on manufacturing cost, the sources of energy supplies a condition, operate as difficult as pilot easy degree, dependability, the integrated element such as the character of heat treatment craft and influence of opposite state environment.

Report heats clean, temperature easy control, support features is little, the operation is handy it is its advantage. Heat with resistor furnace theoretic the hot utilization rate that can achieve 70%~~80% , but report is the sources of energy 2, considering the efficiency that generate electricity, the integrated hot utilization rate of resistor furnace does not exceed 30% . Electric energy price is high, produce cost thereby tall also. As a result of the development of science and technology, the addition of water and electricity and nuclear report proportion, in the world the price of electric energy has the tendency that reduces relatively, so, the tendercy on current international still uses the specific gravity step up of electric energy.

Compare the petty gain that use phone with fuel, but its combustion process is relatively complex, compare the meeting that use phone to cause more environmental pollution with fuel at the same time. But progress as what control a technology, make the report that enrage era and temperature of liquid fuel furnace realize accurate control to become a possibility.

The day burns gas is the sources of energy, heat treatment furnace can achieve the thermal efficiency of at least 30% except direct combustion outside, flue enrages useless heat to still can use warm-up combustion, heat with furnace of air, temper, of clear lotion and quenching oil heat to live with etc utility, make absolutely hot utilization rate can achieve 80% above. Current, the furnace of heat treatment fuel of advanced industry country is had quite specific gravity.
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