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Body designs infrared heating furnace
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Infrared ray heats the development of male dry system, should heat from the system above all the viewpoint of Cheng of male dry 製 will write a hand, taste loss of the sources of energy and 產 to taste character 為 basis with unit 產, the 製 that cooperates to swim up and down builds flow to use infrared technology. The radiation source with proper choice of 為 of important document of the first consideration makes can be mixed on spectrum cent 佈 the be identical of infrared character photograph of be heated content, support system of sirocco of the 2nd need and ventilated those who arrange a system is close cooperate with helping volatile eliminate, in order to avoid the deferent loss of radiation energy, will reveal infrared ray to heat the special effect of male dry, the 3rd 為 the design of gearing, make be heated content can depend on real need to get below design specifications first-rate heats male dry effect, the control system with the most appropriate choice of the 4th 為 closes with all afore-mentioned each unit system, timely and right amount provide energy, achieve the most comfortable change heat male dry. Graph infrared ray of 2 為 application heats male dry technology is general program.
(One) analyse content be heatinged to absorb
Analyse content be heatinged to absorb character, it is to judge whether applicable infra-red technology, how to use the basis of infra-red technology. If be heated,content draws characteristic extreme difference between whole red outskirt, that 麼 cannot use red adscititious hot means, and 採 of Lv of take an examination heats with microwave, the other radiate such as violet extra heat heats technology or other heat phyleticly method. Accordingly, only those have taller average absorptivity between red outskirt, or a few paragraphs of more intense absorption are taken, may use with 採 infra-red aid absorb coating, and of the radiation energy that gives out in source of the radiate when working temperature advocate the object be heatinged that radiation wave band is in Wu Gong outskirt, ability 採 uses infra-red technology. Generally speaking, organic material, high polymer material, hydrous material has in infra-red division department more intense draw peak district, their heat male dry process can use infra-red technology. The absorption of content be heatinged is characteristic and OK understand through 3 ways: 1. Through mark 準 infra-red a collection of illustrative plates consults. What infra-red a collection of illustrative plates collected all sorts of existing mark 準 to leave a lot of determining matter in lab condition is infra-red absorb characteristic curve. 2. If be heated,the composition of content does not know beforehand, or the absorption of this material is characteristic in all sorts of mark 準 on infra-red a collection of illustrative plates have not income. That 麼, also can determine directly through infra-red spectrophotometer its are infra-red absorb characteristic curve. 3. To the simple matter of a few specific sort, can beg through experience formula take its to absorb characteristic curve. What should emphasize is to absorb spectrum to determine below normal temperature more commonly, and the absorptivity of actual object and radiation rate are same, follow temperature and change, will figure character of high temperature radiate is a kind of similar analysis only with character of normal temperature radiate. Should determine when necessary the absorption of working temperature interval is characteristic reach its to change in the temperature of temperature interval the rule, so that master its,trends absorbs character.
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