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BH low temperature is fast cementite and carbolic nitrogen in all ooze technolog
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BH technology is one is applied to low temperature has below all sorts of equipment and atmosphere fast cementite or carbolic nitrogen in all the energy-saving new technology of ooze. When using this technology, need to use energizer to undertake proper technology is adjusted only can.

One steam heat treatment gear-box of factory, 2 steam gear of car of group of bearing of inn of automobile factory of factory, Nanjing, tile-roofed house, Shanghai the enterprise such as factory of fittings of in relief internal-combustion engine of 5 factories, letter already used this technology early or late since 97 years up to now. Urge ooze technology to had been included heat treatment industry about the branch by the country at present among project of promotion of technology of 15 development program.

BH technology and tradition urge ooze technology (if rare earth urges ooze to wait) those who having substaintial sex is different: The core of BH is the energizer that adds drop through be in cementite atmosphere, make cementite medium (gas of propane, RX, acetone, kerosene) the part produces in atmosphere 4 price carbon is ionic -- 4 price carbon is ionic (ф 0.15nm) bulk carbon is only ionic (ф 0.77nm) the 1/135 of bulk, active is consequently tall, diffuse in austenite obstruction small, hand comes loose rate is rapid.

The main characteristic of BH technology:

1, condition of 40 ℃ above is reduced to fall in craft temperature (≥ 810 ℃ ) the ooze that can maintain workpiece to fall in former technology temperature fast do not decrease. Can decrease be out of shape (heat treatment of the product after some factory uses BH technology is out of shape precision loss reduced 0.5-1.0 level) , reduce product grain thick change the trend, make essence thick grain steel (be like: 20Gr) the martensite level after cementite quenchs directly gains proper control, prolong equipment and life of its heat-resisting component significantly.

2, groovy cementite or carbolic nitrogen are compared below same technology temperature in all ooze ooze fast fast 20% above. Can reduce the workpiece maintenance in high temperature phase significantly time, managing charge of electricity, increase production efficiency, decrease be out of shape. (the ooze layer that BH -2, BH-3 applies to ≤ 4.6mm and 0.4mm respectively; BH-1 is given priority to with rare earth, because equipment is corroded, drop note aperture to jam and the problem such as manufacturing stability hard effective from go up at all solve, we already washed out our now.

3, the active that BH technology can raise the carbon in atmosphere, reduce carbon black, alleviate significantly rich the carbon black in changing an agent to add air to give birth to mood aura cementite continuously is opposite more difficult problem, prolong oxygen probe life.

After one steam uses BH to urge ooze technology, point out:

The technology that urge ooze is our country scholar paddle one's own canoe one when develop a success has international the new technology of banner level, a lot of domestic units had undertaken old research and exploration to this, but have the person that can realize industrialization rarely.
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