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Camshaft induction heats quench equipment and craft
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Induction of gasoline engine camshaft heats the surface quenchs have two kinds of technique, one kind is cam of one by one heats cooling, another kind is all cam heats at the same time cooling. At present home produces before manufacturer is used one kind, on one hand, because get the limitation of equipment condition, on the other hand this is planted technique more agree with the producer type of much breed small lot. My factory uses horizontal to quench the machine tool distributes the power supply of intermediate frequency of high-power silicon controlled rectifier of domestic new development, 8 cam of cast-iron to EQ491 engine camshaft the induction heats quench, satisfied the technical quality requirement of product blueprint.

The technology that 1 camshaft surface quenchs asks

The material of EQ491 engine camshaft is chromic molybdenum alloy cast iron, if its chemistry composition is expressed 1.

Express 1 chromic molybdenum the chemical composition W of alloy cast iron (% )
C Si Mn S P Cr Mo 3.36 2.34 0.87 0.12 0.053 0.87 0.39

The metallographic organization before camshaft of alloy cast iron heats is chromic molybdenum fine pearlite of B black lead is meshy carbide.

Cam semifinished product undertakes in casting condition the induction heats quench, quenched technical requirement is exterior hardness 50-60HRC, deepness of layer of peach pointed sclerosis is 4.6mm-10.0mm, deepness of layer of basic circle sclerosis is 1.5mm-8.0mm.

2 inductions heat quench equipment

Use at induction of EQ491 engine camshaft to heat quenched equipment is horizontal quenchs machine tool and device of intermediate frequency of silicon controlled rectifier.

Horizontal quenchs the machine tool is main by roller of feed a machine 1, bracket 5 wait for composition, among them rear push frame 9 wear with the head 10 drive by lever of same long piston, along the round slideway of two parallel the left and right sides moves, its action is push rod the 4 work that deliver send and exit inductor 3, the 5 workpiece be heated hind deliver bracket platen the top position of 7, there are 4 pairs of tips symmetrically on platen, live to drive workpiece rotation to top top among them after workpiece, platen is rotational at the same time 90 ° , send work quench medium. The tip that is in the position that need worker worker when the 2nd pair withstands below, after be heated workpiece, platen is again rotational 90 ° , the 1st pair of tips are loose, workpiece falls in conveyor 6 on, conveyor offers it fluid range and send downward working procedure.

Use at heating inductor encircles paralell connection effectively by 8 and be being become, encircle the refrigeration that connect water effectively.

Installation of machine tool side has heat exchanger, use at reducing to quench the temperature of medium. Quench medium is in through high-pressured pump quench circulate between medium box and heat exchanger, after cooling through heat exchanger quench medium is in with the pressure of 0.4MPa quench in medium box to the workpiece after heating ejective.
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