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Reed of big chunk face plate and the heat treatment that stabilize lever are imp
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1. Introductive

My plant is big in recent years sectional car little leaf spring and the crop that stabilize lever and bracket are in ceaseless grow in quantity. Use 60Si2Mn material to cool in 15# engine oil formerly, often appear the phenomenon that exterior temper by dipping in water does not appear not forcedly with core temper by dipping in water, core organization also achieves a requirement hard. Convert after quenching oil of Y15- Ⅱ fast brightness quenchs, especially thick to minority still need to use change the method of rolled steel brand, solved afore-mentioned problems.

2. Solve the way of the problem and means of settlement

Be aimed at afore-mentioned circumstances, solve a way to have 3: ① improves heat treatment technology, rise appropriately quench temperature, increase quench the speed placing carry of cooling process is mixed lengthen swing time; ② chooses cooling rate some faster quench medium; ③ changes steel is planted, choose temper by dipping in water to appear the steel with better sex to plant, wait for spring steel like 50CrV, 55SiMnVB and 60CrMnB.

2.1 adjust parameter of heat treatment craft

Heating respect, adjust heat temperature and heat preservation time. In the stable lever of 500 Φ 20mm from production, selective examination 3l, its hardness is 5l ~ 58HRC, fluctuant limits still bigger.

In cooling respect, because quench of machine swing speed is fixed; Swing time is passed by 40 ~ 120s for many times adjust, without apparent effect, the experiment makes clear lengthen sway time is opposite bulky quench the impact is not big, because this is cooling,the cooling rate of medium becomes crucial factor.

2.2 change quench medium

When document shows 60Si2MnA of high grade spring steel quenchs in 15# engine oil, can make Φ 20mm is mixed only board the rolled steel of thick 14mm obtains the martensite of 80% (M) . If choose water-solubility medium, be like PAG kind quenching medium, it can achieve rapidder cooling rate, but, the workpiece that ability in swimming of certain pH indicator quenchs fluid often applies to certain ply limits only quenchs; If choose fast quenching oil, it can satisfy different and sectional workpiece quench requirement.

Classics survey, decide to use boreal capital to establish company of careful chemical industry today Ⅱ of Y15- of the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty is fast shining quenching oil. Above all, look from cooling rate, it has rapidder cooling rate, will not make spring temper by dipping in water is cracked again (of its cooling curve and 15# engine oil show at graph 1a) and B)) . Next, the board that we choose different diameter and certain ply did a large number of comparative tests (the place in be being expressed as follows shows) , prove it can make deeper workpiece temper by dipping in water is appeared, satisfy craft requirement.
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