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Furnace of box type resistor
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Furnace of resistor of RJX box type
Utility: Furnace of resistor of RJX series box type is furnace of resistor of periodic work style, can offer product of general and small-sized metal anneal, normalizing, temper falls in air environment, quench, heat when demagnetization with.

Characteristic: Below the control of temperature controller, have accuse automatically to be protected lukewarmly, automatically involve the function of machine automatically blandly. Body of heater contains protective switch, the security that handles personnel can be protected when furnace door open. The chamber of a stove or furnace uses the chamber of a stove or furnace of silicon of integral type char, heat for molybdenum silk of resistor of alloy of 2 high temperature, make sure body of heater has longer service life. Technical parameter: Heating element of 1 3 3 3 of photograph of number of photograph of 950 950 950 950 of ℃ of rated temperature of V 220 380 380 380 of rated voltage of kw 4 8 12 18 of rated power of RJX-4 RJX-8 RJX-12 RJX-18 of model of parameter name unit receives dimension of the chamber of a stove or furnace of law   shunt-wound Y Y Y to grow furnace of sky of tall Mm 120 160 200 300 of Mm 320 400 500 580 wide Mm 200 250 300 410 uniformity of furnace temperature of Kw 1.0 2.0 4.0 4.5 of power of loss of heat of 90 sky of ≤ of 85 of ≤ of 80 of ≤ of 80 of cent ≤ of of heating up time ℃