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The induction heats reach fusion device
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Control plate of intermediate frequency of power of digitlization constant of MPU-2 of brief introduction of product of control of intermediate frequency of series of M P U (small chip 6 pulse) control plate of intermediate frequency of power of MPU-3 digitlization constant (small chip 12 pulse) control plate of intermediate frequency of power of MPU-5 digitlization constant (big chip 6 pulse) control plate of intermediate frequency of power of MPU-6 digitlization constant (big chip is heated up fully
Control plate of power source of intermediate frequency of canal of brake of brilliant of MPU-2 constant power is main by power source, adjuster, move sequence of circuit of photograph control, protection, appearance gets used to frequency of circuit of circuit, the figure that start, inversion to dog oneself, inversion pulse is formed, pulse enlarge and pulse transformer composition. Its core component uses integrated circuit of high-powered, high density, large-scale special MPU, outside making its circuit removes conditioner, the others all realizes digitlization, rectification trigger part does not need any adjustment, have reliability symmetry of tall, pulse ability of tall, interference rejection rate of strong, response is rapid wait for a characteristic, because have photograph order,get used to circuit oneself again, need not synchronous transformer, so, the spot is debugged in discharged the phase modulation foreword, job to synchronism, the door that needs to run KP brilliant dam up water only extremely the line receives the terminal with corresponding control plate to go up, rectification part can be thrown move. Inversion uses sweep formula 0 press the soft kind that start, excel of the function that start is common 0 press the soft circuit that start. Set repeat the circuit that start automatically, can avoid intermediate frequency power source the now and then failure that start, make start successful rate to achieve 100% . Frequency dogs what circuit uses is average sampling plan, increased the interference rejection capacity of inversion, and need signal of voltage of sampling intermediate frequency only, and need not the voltaic signal of groovy road capacitor, the trouble with phasic electric current of transformer of intermediate frequency electric current, affirmatory sampling is received outside was being discharged. Accordingly, in debug and using the site, what also won't output line or transformer of sampling electric current as a result of intermediate frequency is phasic receive instead, and the issue that power source of generation intermediate frequency cannot start. Still add in inversion circuit have inversion horny adjustment circuit, can of self-adjusting laden impedance match, achieve constant power output, can make " fast fusion " intermediate frequency power source, when reaching a red-letter day, the section report, goal that raises factor of net side power (this function also can be sent) . The main circuit of inversion part all is in the interior of circuit of MPU-2 large scale integration, also be digital circuit. MPU-2 control plate is full board only 32 potentiometer of 6 6 7 integrated circuit, transistor, fine tuning, terminals child, installation is very convenient, apply to all sorts of brilliant brake to provide power source of shunt-wound and syntonic intermediate frequency. MPU-2 control plate sought the opinion of many sided in the design, took significant step, make debug very convenient, most parameter by circuit interior automatic set, need what the user adjusts to have the parameter set of 6 potentiometer only, have extremely strong versatility and interchangeability so.
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