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The classification of method of electric stove smelt, burden, feed a machine and
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The classification of method of the first smelt

According to the branch of the state that enter furnace of feed a machine, have shrinkage fitting and cold outfit two kinds. Shrinkage fitting did not fuse period, smelt time is short, productivity is tall, but the furnace that wants open-hearth furnace, converter or other form cooperates; Cold outfit basically uses makings of solid iron and steel or sponge iron to wait. According to smelt process medium slagging frequency is divided, have law of odd broken bits and way of double broken bits. According to smelt process useful oxygen and need not oxygen will divide, have oxidation law and do not oxidize law. Oxidation period lays the foundation of oxygen means different, have ore oxidation law, aerobic oxidation law and mine, oxygen integrated oxidation law and argon, oxygen is mixed play a way.

Smelt method basically depends on surely really the composition of charging and the quality requirement to finished product steel, compendious introduction oxidizes below law and do not oxidize law smelt characteristic.

(1) oxidation law. The characteristic of oxidation law smelt is to have oxidation period, oxidizer is used to oxidize in smelt process the Si in steel fluid, Mn, P elemental etc impurity that exceeds norms. Accordingly, although this law is to use thick material however can smelt gives advanced fine steel, application is very so wide. Defect is smelt time grows, easy oxidation element burns caustic big.

(2) do not oxidize law. Do not oxidize smelt characteristic is to do not have oxidation period, use product completely commonly, be planted like this steel or similar this steel is planted return useless steel and mild steel to wait, it is better to ask the matter content such as P, S is lower, the alloying element content that matchs should be entered or receive those who be bordering on norms of finished product steel is medium be restricted or floor level. Do not oxidize law smelt can reclaim a large number of precious alloying element and shorten smelt time. In lack this steel to plant or similar this steel is planted when returning useless steel, ferroalloy can match in charging, multi-purpose at smelt the steel such as tall alloy steel is planted on.

The requirement of the 2nd burden and computation

The first job of burden is to assure the success of smelt. Scientific burden wants already accurate, want to use steely material reasonably again, ensure even at the same time shorten material of smelt time, managing alloy reduces what metallic etc assists material to use up.

One, the main demand to burden

1, accurate burden

It is the steel according to smelt is planted commonly, equipment condition, existing raw material and different smelt method have burden. The accuracy of burden includes charging weight and burden part two respects. Burden weight forbids, bring about composition of smelt process chemistry easily to control undeserved or cause cast to irrigate inadequacy, appear possibly also excessive and increase use up. Charging chemistry composition matchs so that forbid, can bring difficulty to smelt operation, serious when will make smelt cannot undertake. It is with oxidation law smelt exemple, if match carbon the quantity is exorbitant, can increase ore dosage or extend the time that use oxygen; Amount matching carbon is too small, the certainly will after frit is clear undertakes carburet; If charging is medium S, P is too tall, the operation before giving heat brings great difficulty, extend smelt time not only, and erode to lining serious, want to stop smelt even sometimes. To put an end to above circumstance, the chemical composition that makings of concerned iron and steel and ferroalloy master before burden is very necessary.
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