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Technique of heat of industry of type of efficient accumulation of heat
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The industry such as our country metallurgy, mechanical, building materials has about 10 thousand to be used at industry to heat the blaze furnace with heat treatment, consume many mineral fuel every year, occupy the 8 % that business of our country industry always can use up about. Although our country is energy production big country, but also be the sources of energy uses up big country at the same time, of the sources of energy use effectively already made the important segment that restricts progress of our country economy. Among them, especially mineral the sources of energy, for cannot second birth the sources of energy, a large number of carbon dioxide that discharge after combustion reach harmful gas, polluted atmosphere severely, those who destroyed us live environment. Because this is managing,environment of the sources of energy, protection is the great undertaking of a thousand years of benefit mankind and descendants.
The quantity of heat that at present exhaust emission takes away blaze furnace, occupy fuel to offer the 0 % of 50 ~7 of the quantity normally. Although a lot of furnace installed intake air heater, but wait for a reason because of technology, price, life, pay back period, also can go to air warm-up only normally 400 ℃ of 300 ~ , fractional energy savings is 15 ~ 20 % . Although such, still have 30 - 50 % quantity of heat goes in atmosphere along with exhaust emission.

Because do not have applicable technology,come for years, the blast furnace that blast furnace puddling produces a large number of low calorific value is gas cannot use, be forced to pass smoke Xin to atmosphere diffuse, waste the sources of energy to pollute an environment again namely. According to statistic gas diffuse led the blast furnace of enterprise of iron and steel of our country key 1999 nearly 9. 99 % , amount to coal of 2.12 million tons of standards, value RMB 10. 600 million yuan.

A lot of enterprises must not buy heavy oil nothing more than as a result of insecurity of the sources of energy, raised cost thereby, cause business economic benefits to drop. As the ceaseless development of process of urban coal aerification, enterprise of need iron and steel is offerred to be in a city more and more civil and gas, and civil and gas the Jiao Lu that must be high calorific value is gas. However anxious furnace of steely factory itself is gas crop is very finite, such certainly will create tension of enterprise oneself the sources of energy. For example Suzhou steel ironworks should supply Jiao Lu to Suzhou city everyday gas, oneself must not buy heavy oil nothing more than, make an appointment with 100 thousand yuan everyday. Redundant blast furnace is gas because calorific capacity is too small,cannot use, be forced to be discharged to atmosphere, pay urban blowdown fee even so, cause business economic benefits thereby drop. The success of heating furnace of type of new-style and efficient accumulation of heat applies, everyday managing fuel expends nearly 90 thousand yuan, year economic benefits is close 40 million yuan.
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