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Aggrandizement of contemporary electric stove offers oxygen technology
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RiseElectric stoveTon steel is measured with oxygen, it is smelt of aggrandizement electric stove, riseElectric stoveRhythm is the most effective one of methods. Gush blows 1Nm3 oxygen gas phase to become electric energy of 3-4kwh of the supply inside Yu Xianglu. Current, Electric stoveThe chemical energy that steel-making oxygen produces is inElectric stoveLarger proportion already was held in energy input, achieve 20-30 % . EspeciallyElectric stoveAfter using shrinkage fitting molten iron, the scale of chemical energy achieves the 40 % above of total energy, was equivalent to electric stove raising the energy input of nearly one times, much input oxygen already was a of craft of steel-making of furnace of contemporary electric arc important characteristic. The quantity using oxygen of advanced electric stove already achieved 40-50Nm3/t, smelt time shortens 60min left and right sides.
How to input oxygen efficientlyElectric stoveInside furnace, to risingElectric stoveThe smelt rhythm of steel-making, dropping what produce cost substantially is very important. This task group from 80 time first, begin to study electric stove offers oxygen technology, obtained very good outstanding achievement. Basically have among them: Electric stove furnace door blows oxygen plant, oxygen of wall of electric stove furnace is lighted aid frit and gun of 2 combustion oxygen, gun of oxygen of electric stove EBT, gun of oxygen of colonies of wall of electric stove furnace, electric stove uses oxygen modular control technology, technology of broken bits of electric stove bubble. Among them, oxygen of wall of electric stove furnace is lighted aid frit to obtain a country to invent third class award, first prize of progress of science and technology of Ministry of Education; Electric stove furnace door blows oxygen device to obtain Guangzhou city science and technology to progress second-class award.
Electric stove furnace door blows gun of oxygen device furnace door to be comprised by gun of oxygen of furnace door water-cooling and gun of oxygen of furnace door carbon, furnace door gun uses the effect to be: Improve the efficiency that blow oxygen, shorten smelt time 5-15min; Save 80-90% of the canal that blow oxygen, ton steel reduces cost 15 - 30 yuan; Improve labor condition of the worker, replace blow oxygen artificially.

Electric stoveFurnace wall oxygen is lighted (oily, coal, burn gas) aid frit and gun of 2 combustion oxygen to eliminateElectric stoveInside furnace cold region, make sure charging is balanced and fused; Raise electric stove input than power, raise manufacturing rate; Use furnace wall modular control eject pure oxygen, implementation furnace enrages combustion 2 times. Melt-down time shortens 10 - 20min; Reduce smelt power consumption 40 - 100kwh/t; Ton steel reduces cost 10 - 30 yuan or so; The metal closes so that lead to raise 1-2 % ; The CO in heat vital energy and NOX content are reduced 20% .
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