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Temperature of industrial electric stove controls fashion
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Temperature of industrial electric stove controls fashion
Furnace temperature automata---It is to show furnace temperature is opposite the basis the error that gives temperature, put through automatically or disconnect the heat source energy of supply furnace, or the size that changes heat source energy continuously, make furnace temperature stability has give temperature range, in order to satisfy the need of heat treatment craft.
Automata of heat treatment temperature is commonly used adjust the rule has integral of 3 2 type, type, scale, scale and scale integral differential a few kinds.
1) 2 type adjustment- - it leaves only, close two kinds of position, when furnace temperature under be restricted carry out when set-point implement a standard-sized sheet; Carry out when set-point of furnace temperature prep above implement shut completely. (carry out implement choose contactor commonly)
2) 3 type adjustment- - it has fluctuation to be restricted two set-point, when furnace temperature under floor level entertain when set-point implement a standard-sized sheet; Going up when furnace temperature, between floor level set-point when carry out implement the ministry is opened apart; Carry out when furnace temperature exceeds upper limit set-point implement shut completely. (when heating apparatus of the state that be like a canal is heating element, can use implementation of 3 type adjustment to heat with heat preservation power different)
3) scale adjustment (P adjustment)- - the output signal of adjuster (M) input with deviation (E) into scale. Namely:
In type: K-----Coefficient of proportionality
Any hour exist between the input of scale adjuster, sendout- - corresponding scale concerns, when because of this furnace temperature change achieves a balance via scale adjustment, furnace temperature cannot be added answer to the deviation when set-point- - say " static difference "
4) scale is integral (PI) adjust- - for " static difference " , integral is added in scale adjustment (I) adjust integral, adjusting is the output that points to adjuster signal and deviation existence follow the growth of time and increase, eliminate ability not to have output signal till deviation, reason can be eliminated " static difference " scale adjustment and the combination that integral adjustment call scale integral to adjust.
5) scale integral is differential (PID) adjust- - scale integral moves feast to make adjust the process grows, the fluctuant amplitude of temperature increases, introduce differential again for this (D) adjust. Differential adjustment is to point to the output of adjuster and deviation to become scale to the differential of time, differential adjuster has change in temperature " symptom " when have adjust signal output, signal of faster, output exceeds metabolic rate strong, reason can be accelerated adjust speed, reduce scope of temperature wave motion, scale adjustment, integral adjustment and the combination that differential adjustment call scale is integral differential adjustment. (use brilliant brake to be in charge of adjuster to be commonly carry out implement)
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