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Home allows the electric stove transformer with the largest amount
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The transformer of furnace of electric arc of 90 thousand KVA/35kV with first home the largest size is in Xi'an on the west finite liability company passes electric transformer smoothly routine test, each technology index all achieves international advanced level. The development of this product is successful, broke product of transformer of special type of this kind of high capacity of past our country to depend on abroad completely to hold the state of the entrance formerly, be opposite not only implementation of product of transformer of special type of this kind of our country high capacity is homebred change have important sense, also offer for technical reformation of industry of our country metallurgy at the same time advanced homebred changed equipment to lay solid foundation, the industry that consolidated the company changes to create a field in special type transformer on the west further is banner position.
Transformer of furnace of electric arc of 90 thousand KVA/35kV is to be iron of Henan dance Yang Gang the crucial equipment of form a complete set of project of furnace of electric arc of 100t of finite liability company, before this, home most the electric stove of high capacity changes to have 40 thousand KVA only. As a result of high capacityElectric stoveThe electric depress of transformer, electric current is big, very tall to technology and engineering capability requirement, the abroad that this kind of product that past our country uses counts Xi Menzi company and ABB company completely installs an entrance formerly. All the time angle innovates independently the company changes on the west, with the ability of research and development with banner industry, be designed by oneself and made this product. In designing production process, the company changes to reach special working situation according to the characteristic of transformer of electric arc furnace on the west, mature to transformer cross bear ability, pass the special processing to the structure, make transformer is had taller fight short circuit ability, can bear concussion of short circuit of the operation overvoltage that furnace of ability electric arc often appears in smelt process, job and overload phenomenon, make each function all obtains the product international is advanced level.