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Technology of laser heat treatment
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Principle: The penetrable capability of laser is extremely strong, should heat metallic surface only when the critical transition temperature under melting point, rapid austenite changes its face, next quickness from Leng Cuihuo, metallic face is fast by aggrandizement, namely laser photograph becomes sclerotic. The stimulates beam of light to undertake finishing to the metal method that laser heat treatment uses high power density namely, to material implementation changes alloy of sclerosis, surface is changed wait for exterior modified to handle, generation quenchs with other surface the change of the exterior composition of short of, organization, function.

Characteristic: High speed heats, high speed is cooling, acquisition organization close, hardness performance of tall, wear-resisting is good; Quench place can obtain the remains that is more than 400kgf/mm2 to press stress, conduce to improve fatigue performance; Still can undertake local quench optionally, pass the control of dimension of many pairs of facula, the sclerosis of the local district such as the tubal aperture that suits method of other heat treatment to cannot be competent more, deep trench, small area, included angle and cutting tool point; Laser is OK remote deferent, can realize much workbench of a laser to be used at the same time, use computer process designing to achieve the control of process of pair of laser heat treatment and administration, implementation produces the automation of the process.

Application: As the development of high-power CO2 laser, use laser to be able to realize multiform finishing, a lot of cars are crucial, be like: Can use laser heat treatment chamfer of annulus of cylinder body, cylinder bushing, crankshaft, camshaft, exhaust valve, valve base, rocker, aluminous piston almost. Company of American general motors uses laser of CO2 of ten kilowatt class, local to wall of steering gear carapace sclerosis, day produces 30 thousand, improve work efficiency fourfold; China uses high-power CO2 laser to car engine crock aperture wall undertakes aggrandizement is handled, can lengthen engine overhaul course of development to arrive above of 150 thousand kilometer; The wearability that temper by dipping in water of the cylinder body that laser heat treatment crosses, cylinder bushing takes forcedly rises substantially, not hard belt of temper by dipping in water can increase oil storage, improve lubricant performance.

Equipment of heat treatment of cylinder body laser and Fu of besmear of product line laser and laser alloy change craft likeness, but different is not additional join alloy, make metallic surface melts immediately is cooling and caky, get subtle adjacent and even surface layer is organized thereby, to certain in all brilliant alloy, return surface layer of the available state that be not brilliant, have wonderful corrosion resistance can, for example, in derv engine Fu of besmear of chromium radical surface undertakes on cast-iron valve base, can achieve good stainless steel appearance.
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