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Isotherm of air cooling of vacuum maximum pressure quenchs
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The greater work with complex form undertakes from high temperature easy generation is out of shape when fast refrigeration continuously even crackle. Can quench with saline bath isotherm before solve. In burner of temper by dipping in water of air cooling of cell vacuum maximum pressure whether undertake air cooling isotherm quenchs? Graph 1 contain convection to heat to be in be opposite in burner of temper by dipping in water of air cooling of cell high pressure 120mm of × of 320mm of two groups of φ folds the carbolic element of outfit two pieces after structural steel uses different and cooling means to quench to turning a result. Line of the one cento in the graph is after 102O ℃ heats, use tall pure nitrogen to cool continuously below pressure of 6 × 105Pa (wind direction is to go up, below mutual and alternant, 40s switch) result. Another group is the control refrigeration when undertaking 370 ℃ to sample surface, core. From two cento the contrast of the line can see, the time that core temperature passes 50O ℃ (half cold time) only poor make an appointment with 2min. Undertake from the surface temperature arrives at 370 ℃ controlling cooling initial core around, need 27min. This shows, it is feasible that in cell vacuum maximum pressure gas oil burner undertakes isothermal air cooling quenchs.