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Converter flue gas does a law to remove dust partly craft
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Converter flue gas does a law to remove dust partly craft
Our country has many 550 converter at present, among them many 10 converter uses dry method to remove dust, the others all is used wet. No matter wet, dry method all differs degree existence is tall discharge, high cost can, the high cost water, problem that maintains a quantity to wait for many sided greatly. For the Gao Qiao outside this Shanghai spray system company applied for more agree with at present the converter flue gas of national condition does a law to remove dust partly craft, invent patent accredit at obtaining China in September 2006.

Converter flue gas does a law to remove dust partly remove dust with dry method, wet the partial performance index that remove dust contrasts as follows:

At present technology of hair refrigeration tower has used the steam of half dry type of this craft at our country of many 10 converter in transform or building a project, water of its remarkable environmental protection, energy-saving, section, reduce maintenance quantity, increase production to fall cost, reduce construction considerably investment, cover an area of area and shorten the positive result that transforms time has been confirmed by more and more user place and agree with.

1, half dry type is efficient sparge refrigeration removes dust tower

The temperature after cooling flue is cooling is in vaporization of classics of converter flue gas normally 1000 ℃ of 800 ~ , dry method uses steam hair is cooling tower, wet use one article to undertake cooling. This craft is used individual, or many hollow half dry type is efficient sparge refrigeration removes dust the tower undertakes cooling, use the evaporate of dry method to send cooling technology namely; Different is to remove dust still use sparge to remove dust, the foul water that produces still uses the pattern processing with strong water.

Actual application makes clear as a result, with half dry type efficient sparge refrigeration removes dust the tower replaces the effect with traditional one the most distinct article is systematic obstruction reduced 90 % , from 3 ~ 5 1000 handkerchief reduce about 300 handkerchief, this one effect can undertake developing using from the following respects:

Environmental protection: Transform one article only when be a tower, can press what the province falls difference to add 2 language, make discharge flue gas dust concentration to be reduced thereby 100 or mark of 50 milligram / establishs rice the following (depend on fan ability) , namely reapportion system obstruction;

Increase equipment capacity: The fan ability inadequacy that can solve converter enlarge to look, enlarge is installed and raise the intensity that feed oxygen to cause with low-down investment, chimney and mouth fume problem, increase processing capacity of the system;

Energy-saving: If dust concentration has amounted to mark, can reduce fan rotate speed, transform one article only it is OK to be a tower section report makes an appointment with steel of T of / of 1 ~ 2kWh;
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