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Commonly used quench medium is analysed
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1. Water
Water is application the the earliest, most extensive, most of economy quench medium, its price cheap is easy, avirulent, not stability of combustion, physico-chemical function, cooling power is strong. The temperature through controlling water, increase pressure, increase velocity of flow, use circular water, use magnetic field action to wait, the refrigeration that all can improve water is characteristic, decrease be out of shape and craze, obtain those who compare ideal to quench the effect. But because these methods need to add specialized equipment, and the function after workpiece quenchs is not very stable, can not get be popularizinged extensively applied so. Say so. Pure water agrees with only minority contains carbon to measure not tall, temper by dipping in water to appear a gender low and the steel with simple appearance quench with.

2. Quenching oil
Use at quenched mineral oil with purificatory degree normally olefin radical oil is taller neutral base oil, it has flash point tall, viscosity low, lampblack is little, it is better to fight oxidisability and thermal stability, service life is long wait for an advantage, agree with make quenching oil use. Quenching oil is used only appear a gender at temper by dipping in water wall of good, workpiece is large not big, appearance complex, requirement quenchs be out of shape little work. Quenching oil is old to the pollution of surroundings, when quenching cause fire easily.
The main factor that affects quenching oil cooling power is its viscosity value, oil of low below normal temperature viscosity is older than tall viscosity oily cooling power, temperature is elevatory, oily fluidity increases, cooling power rises somewhat. Raise the use temperature of quenching oil appropriately, also can make oily cooling power rises.

3. Frit salt, frit is alkaline
This kind quenchs the characteristic of medium is do not produce states of matter to change in cooling process, a house where a fire started of workpiece temper by dipping in water should rely on convection to cool, be in normally cooling rate of high temperature region is rapid, in microtherm region cooling rate slow, bad temper of temper by dipping in water can be admirable, temper by dipping in water shows strength strong, quench edge body is small, basic flawless generation, but big to environmental pollution, labor condition is poor, waste time can be much, cost is high, commonly used at appearance complex, of the workpiece of great disparity of sectional size variation and industry pattern quench. Frit salt has sodium chloride, nitric acid salt, nitrite, workpiece quenchs in saline bath can obtain taller hardness, and be out of shape dinky, not easy craze, use as normally isotherm quenchs or classification quench. Its defect is frit salt easy ageing, have oxidation and cankerous effect to workpiece. Frit is alkaline natrium of oxidation having hydrogen, hydrogenous oxidation Potassium, it has greater cooling power, when workpiece heats, be like did not oxidize, the clean face of silver grey color can be gained after quenching, also have certain application. Dan Rong alkaline steam is had caustic, have stimulative effect to the skin, when using, should notice ventilated and adopt preventive measure.
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