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Temper handles Wo Si
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Processing of Wo Si temper is a kind relatively the heat treatment method with special 為 , main program is rolled steel temper by dipping in water uprights into temperature at S curve bazoo ministry and Ar ' ' (Ms is nodded) the stew between temperature, till super-cooling complete allergy becomes Wo Sitian system change types or forms of literature of pliable but strong takes the method of a kind of heat treatment with cold clean, also say 為 changes pliable but strong quenchs, it does not need to go again temper processing. The biggest characteristic of Wo Si temper is to be able to get tall hardness, tall tenacity to hold provided capable person concurrently to pledge, generally speaking, abnormal temperature heals tall, strong hardness heals low, but but tenacity of promotional low temperature; Abnormal temperature is close to Ms temperature more, the intensity of earning, hardness all soars, and percentage elongation and section shrinkage also soar, suit a large number of unripe 產 of small-sized workpiece quite.