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Transformer of large electric stove is repaired reach craft to improve
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One, overview

Warm up ceaselessly as the rapid development of market economy and smelt industry, make the use frequency of electric stove transformer increases. And had been in carry for a long time go, the insulation of transformer can quicken ageing. In a year of in the past, we repaired transformer of a lot of large electric stove. It is with transformer of 5000KVA electric stove now exemple into act reason analysis and craft improve measure

2, breakdown case study

2.1 closing device are unreasonable, axial pressure is abate, cause winding to become loose

Smelt craft asks electric stove transformer is frequent and pressure regulating, make winding in-house magnetic force getting report is pounded ceaselessly. Because transformer is running the magnetic hysteresis in the process,adjustable meeting generation shakes, the action with electromagnetism force is moved to fall in Chang Jizhen, make bolt of winding axial impaction becomes loose, axial pressure is reduced.

Winding of 2.2 high pressure decomposes down-lead to wrap up, arrange unreasonable

Winding of this stage transformer low pressure, high pressure winding is homocentric type construction. High-pressured winding is in inside, stand by core; Low-pressure winding is outer side. High-pressured cent guides a line to press winding by on any account between derivative, because impaction bolt becomes loose, winding issues fluctuation change to move in the action of electromagnetism force, cent of attrition high pressure guides a line, make high-pressured cent guides line insulation damage to cause high pressure to discharge to low-pressure winding.

3, improve measure

3.1 increase axial thrust, make sure the bolt that press a hammer does not become loose

3.1.1 be opposite through jack of small-sized oil pressure winding impaction, rely on to press oncomelania bolt to secure the dimension after impaction come down. After loosening oil pressure jack, under the pressure that winding is in a regulation. Such, axial thrust had assure reliably.

3.1.2 become loose to prevent to press oncomelania bolt, will press the mill on oncomelania bolt first a 10 millimeter the notch with wide, 5 deep millimeter, make internal diameter with 2 millimeter thick iron plate next bigger than bolt 0.5 millimeter, margin is wide of 20 millimeter stop use a group, cover its go up in bolt. Tighten solid nut, after screwing, will stop those who use a group the predestined relationship folds 90 ° up outside, make its get stuck in clip on. Such, the bolt that press a hammer won't delay is buckled became loose.

Cent of 3.2 high pressure guides a line to wrap up, arrange improve

The cent in the past guides a line to wrap up very loosely, and did not achieve insulation ply of the regulation ask and ask to what low-pressure winding is apart from. Prove through relapsing, it is good that we decide to wrapping up packet of shrink cloth area is added on the down-lead of insulating paper, replace original calico band. After passing a surname of dry, dip, increased the insulation intensity of down-lead and mechanical strength greatly, and saved a space, can satisfy down-lead to ask to what low-pressure winding insulation is apart from. Arrange in down-lead on, we changed some former permutation. Make photograph adjacent the voltage of two down-lead is the smallest, reduced insulation thickness already, can make sure the insulation of two down-lead is apart from photograph adjacent again. Down-lead of knock against high pressure avoids to cause insulation loss in the process of suit.
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